Police log


15 Speeding
7 Uninsured drivers
5 Uninspected vehicles
3 Driving with suspended license
2 Counterfeit plates, stickers, etc.
2 Inspection sticker not assigned to vehicle
2 Misuse of number plates
1 Drinking and driving
1 Failure to display front plate
1 Limitations on passing
1 Operating without license
1 Person under 21 with .02 BAC
1 Unregistered vehicle

2 Excessive speed
1 DUI, criminal refusal


11/29, 8:24 a.m., Juvenile Problem, Rebecca Lander Dr.

Cpl. Scott Philbrook assisted with a dispute between students.

11/29, 1:28 p.m., Motor Vehicle Complaint, Circle Rd.

Officer Jareco Coulombe spoke with a complainant about a road rage incident. The complainant reported being yelled at by another driver after she arrived home. No contact information was available for the other operator.

11/29, 4:26 p.m., Suspicious, McMullen Rd.

A resident called police to report finding his door open upon arriving home. Officers, along with K9 Hatchi, searched the residence but did not locate anyone inside. There was no indication of a burglary or theft.

11/29, 6:15 p.m., Public Assist, Main St.

Officers received a tip about possible criminal activity in the area. The compliant is still being investigated.

11/30, 9:39 p.m., Accident – Property Damage, Route 7

Officer Coulombe responded to a late report of a vehicle that caused damage at the drive through at a bank. He spoke with the operator and assisted in the exchange of information between the parties. A State of Vermont Uniform Crash Report was completed.

11/30, 9:50 a.m., Public Speaking, South Willard St., Burlington

Cpl. Jason Porter spoke with a criminal justice class at Champlain College about being a K9 handler.

12/1, 9:19 a.m., Suspicious, Atrium Way

Officer William Bosworth assisted the fire department with a smell of gas in an apartment that was under construction.

12/1, 12:11 p.m., Juvenile Problem, Rebecca Lander Dr.

A student requested to speak with an officer. Officer Bosworth responded and assisted with answering questions.

12/1, 5:12 p.m., Public Assist, Bombardier Rd.

Officer Matthew McQueen met with a complainant at the police department who had questions about child custody issues. He provided information on the family court process and restraining orders. The complainant did not need further assistance at the time.

12/1, 9:14 p.m., Suspicious, Johnson Ct.

Officers received a report of people in the wooded area behind Johnson Court. Officers checked the trail system in the area but did not locate anyone. No other complaints were received.

12/2, 4:37 a.m., Public Assist, James Dr.

Officer Charles Brown took a report of a missing person. Shortly after speaking with the complainant, he learned the person had returned home and no further assistance was needed.

12/2, 11:12 p.m., Public Assist, Boysenberry Dr.

Officer McQueen spoke with a complainant about a juvenile who left home without permission. He located the juvenile and brought him home.

12/3, 1:01 a.m., DUI, Route 7

Sgt. Paul Locke stopped a vehicle for a speeding violation and arrested an 18-year-old Fairfield man for suspicion of DUI.

12/3, 9:57 a.m., Accident – Property Damage, East Rd.

Officer Ed Larente responded to a report of a vehicle that struck a mailbox. He met with the operator who advised he fell asleep while driving. He completed a State of Vermont Uniform Crash Report and provided copies to the operator and property owner.

12/3, 6:09 p.m., Juvenile Problem, Route 7

Officer McQueen responded to a trespassing complaint at an apartment building. He obtained a description of the reported trespassers but did not locate them. He checked the building for damage but did not locate any.

12/4, 6:58 a.m., Larceny from Building, West Milton Rd.

Officer Noi Jones responded to a report of items that were stolen from an office trailer at a business. He met with the owner and documented the items that were taken.

12/4, 10:24 a.m., Juvenile Problem, Rebecca Lander Dr.

Cpl. Philbrook’s report is not compete at this time.

12/4, 2:25 p.m., Public Assist, Partridge Ln.

Officer Kendra Raymond assisted a complainant who wanted to report her bank information had been compromised.

12/4, 4:13 p.m., Juvenile Problem, Rebecca Lander Dr.

Officer Jones recovered and destroyed a small amount of marijuana that was turned over to him by school officials.

12/4, 6:56 p.m., Suspicious, Birch Ln.

Officer Coulombe responded to a report of a suspicious male on a bicycle that was possibly following residents. He checked the area but could not locate the male.

12/5, 12:09 p.m., Suspicious, Centre Dr.

Officer Larente responded to a report of a male slumped over the steering wheel of a vehicle. He made contact with the male who was leaving upon his arrival. The male advised he had been sleeping.

12/5, 5:47 p.m., Car Seat Inspection, Bombardier Rd.

Officer Raymond assisted with the installation/inspection of a child safety seat.

12/5, 8:58 p.m., Noise, Route 7

Cpl. Chris Grenier responded to a report of loud music coming from an apartment. Upon his arrival, he checked the area but could not hear any music. No other complaints were received.