Police log


5 Driving with suspended license
2 Speeding
2 Stopping, standing or parking in restricted areas
2 Uninspected vehicles
2 Unregistered vehicles
1 Counterfeit plates, stickers, etc.
1 Dog at large/unleashed
1 Dog license required
1 Driver with open container
1 Using portable electronic device

2 Domestic assault
2 Driving with suspended license
2 Violation of conditions of release
1 Assault on a law enforcement officer
1 Driving under the influence
1 Drugs – Possession of heroin, 2+ grams
1 Drugs – Possession of depressant, stimulant and narcotic
1 Operation without consent
1 Petit larceny from a motor vehicle


7/12, 9:44 a.m., Accident-Property Damage, Main St. at River St.

Officer Kendra Raymond responded to a two-vehicle crash with no injuries. Extensive damage was found on both vehicles. No court action was recommended. Both vehicles were towed from the scene.

7/12, 2:32 p.m., Public Assist, Route 7

Cpl. Jason Porter spoke with a citizen of another jurisdiction who reported receiving suspicious emails. He advised the citizen to not answer the emails and contact the police agency in their jurisdiction for further investigation.

7/12, 5:28 p.m., Threats/Harassment, Route 7 at Centre Dr.

Officer Noi Jones spoke with a citizen who reported receiving verbal threats. Jones documented the incident, but no criminal action was found at the time.

7/12, 9 p.m., Domestic Disturbance, Route 7

Officer Jones, Officer Richard Corbin and Cpl. Christopher Grenier responded to a physical domestic assault. During the incident, officers received multiple injuries while taking the defendant into custody. Robert Walker-Brazie, 27, of Milton was cited for interference with access to emergency services, assault on law enforcement and resisting arrest. He is scheduled to appear in court on August 15.

7/12, 10:01 p.m., Juvenile Problem, Boysenberry Dr.

Officer Jareco Coulombe responded to a report of juveniles ringing doorbells and then leaving. He did not locate the juveniles upon arrival.

7/13, 2:08 a.m., Domestic Assault, Merrill Ln.

Officer Coulombe, Officer Jones and Cpl. Grenier responded to a possible domestic assault. Through investigation, Philip Katon, 49, of Milton was arrested and cited into court for 1st degree aggravated domestic assault.

7/13, 9:07 p.m., DUI, Lamoille Terr. at Arrowhead Ave.

After stopping a motorcycle for defective equipment, Sgt. Paul Locke the operator for driving under the influence.

7/13, 11:31 a.m., Disturbance, Meadow Rd.

Officer Coulombe, Officer Jones, Cpl. Grenier and Sgt. Paul Locke responded to a possible domestic assault. Noah Lincoln, 27, of Milton was issued a citation to appear in court on August 15.

7/14, 11:22 a.m., Suspicious, Horseshoe Cir.

Officer Ed Larente responded to the report of a suspicious vehicle. He spoke with the operator and determined the vehicle had broken down.

7/14, 1:42 p.m., Motor Vehicle Complaint, Route 7

Officer Larente responded to the report of a vehicle operating erratically. He stopped the vehicle and found no criminal action.

7/14, 8:49 p.m., Noise, Route 7

Officer Charles Brown responded to a complaint of gunshots. On arrival, Brown spoke with the complainant but did not locate the shooters.

7/14, 11:56 pm., Suspicious, Railroad St.

A complainant reported people possibly trespassing into an abandoned building. On arrival, Cpl. Gordon LaFountain did not locate anyone.

7/15, 8:39 a.m., Domestic Disturbance, Route 7

Officer William Bosworth, Officer Larente and Cpl. Scott Philbrook responded to a complaint of possible domestic assault. Bosworth arrested and lodged Robert Viens, 33, from Milton for the crime.

7/15, 4:03 p.m., Public Assist, Lamoille Terr.

Cpl. LaFountain assisted a citizen in exiting a secured gated area in which the gate had closed.

7/15, 9:02 p.m., Juvenile Problem, Birch Ln.

Officer Matthew McQueen responded to a report of juveniles blocking the roadway. They were gone upon arrival.

7/16, 1:09 a.m., Suspicious, Route 7

Cpl. LaFountain and Officer Brown checked an area for potential trespassing, but no one was located.

7/16, 3:42 p.m., Animal Problem, McMullen Rd.

While investigating a welfare check complaint at a residence, Cpl. LaFountain suffered a deep laceration to his left forearm from a dog bite. The dog, a 5-year-old male bull mastiff mix, ran out of the residence and attacked LaFountain within seconds of the door opening. LaFountain’s body camera captured the dog repeatedly going after the officer, who was bleeding freely for several seconds while fending off further attacks from the dog until it was returned to the residence. LaFountain made it to the trunk of his vehicle to obtain bandages and apply pressure to his wound. Assistance arrived, and Milton Rescue transported LaFountain to the University of Vermont Medical Center emergency room, where he was later released. Officer Bosworth completed an animal bite complaint, and investigation revealed the dog’s vaccinations were up to date, though he had not been registered since 2015. Bosworth took the dog to Cross Kennel for the required 10-day quarantine period, but the owner was advised quarantine could continue at home if the dog was registered with the town the next day.

7/16, 5:58 p.m., Vandalism, Quail Hollow Rd.

A citizen reported their vehicle was broken into and an item was stolen; Officer Jones documented the incident.

7/17, 10:56 a.m., Suspicious, Westford Rd.

A complainant reported possible trespassing. Officer Corbin spoke with the person and confirmed they were there to only speak with the residents.

7/17, 3:14 p.m., Accident-Property Damage, Route 7 at Andrea Ln.

Officer Corbin responded to a single vehicle crash involving a dump truck. The case is still being completed.

7/18, 10:40 a.m., Assist Motorist, Main St. at River St.

Officer Coulombe assisted an operator of a disabled vehicle.

7/18, 11:12 a.m., Larceny from Motor Vehicle, Arrowhead Ave.

Officer Coulombe documented missing items reported stolen from within a parked vehicle.

7/18, 12:58 p.m., Found/Lost Property, Arrowhead Ave.

Officer Coulombe documented and seized found property.