Students Stepping Up is a bi-monthly feature recognizing Milton students, K-12, who are good citizens in their classrooms. This week, we feature Kayden Abair and Gianna & Dylan Pierce. Congratulations!

Kayden Abair – Age 10, 4th Grade

Kayden is making amazing gains with his math, reading and mobility goals. He is always an active participant during math class and loves to be with his peers. He takes risks by raising his hand and enjoys exploring with numbers. Kayden also enjoys his books and loves to listen to any story that is read to him. Having supportive and encouraging teammates, Kayden gets down on the floor table to join his friends, moves to the high table to continue his work. He has become very comfortable navigating around the classroom.


Gianna & Dylan Pierce – Age 7, 1st grade & Age 10, 4th Grade, respectively

I nominated Gianna Pierce and Dylan Pierce for going above and beyond after school hours assisting me in unboxing, assembly of Promethean board stands and recycling a lot of cardboard. Both of them have assisted me several times this month after school, logging into all library computers so I could run updates. They also regularly deliver packages to classrooms after school.