With a total score of 108.475, the Milton High gymnastics team snagged fourth place at the Division I Vermont State Championships held at Essex High Feb. 15.

The squad’s points leader was senior Alexis Drown who turned in an all-around tally of 29.55; she was the top Milton gymnast for each of the four events--her highest score being an 8.0 on the beam.

Following Drown was fellow senior Kaylee Shaw who posted an all-around mark of 26.3, and freshman Julia Banacos chalked up a 23.2 to round out the Yellow Jackets’ all-around entries.

“We had a really strong start to the season, but then we were faced with a lot of injuries,” said Milton head coach Stephanie Wagar. “But in the end, we were able to pull through, and we had a really strong end to the season; there was a lot of perseverance and dedication. I’m really proud of the work that they did today; I think they did an awesome job.

“We’re taking a tough loss of losing six seniors this year,” Wagar added, “but we wish them all the best. We still have great potential on the team, and we’re looking forward to seeing them next year.”

Milton Results


  • Alexis Drown: 7.45
  • Kayleigh Bluto: 7.1
  • Kaylee Shaw: 6.95
  • Jaesa Barnao: 6.75
  • Kayden Rand: 5.7
  • Julia Banacos: 5.5


  • Alexis Drown: 8.0
  • Kayleigh Bluto: 7.25
  • Kayden Rand: 6.6
  • Kaylee Shaw: 6.5
  • Julia Banacos: 6.4
  • Alexa Jackson: 6.15


  • Alexis Drown: 6.425
  • Kaylee Shaw: 6.1
  • Hailey Hemingway: 5.2
  • Alexis Galloway: 4.95
  • Jaesa Barnao: 4.4
  • Julia Banacos: 4.4


  • Alexis Drown: 7.675
  • Kayleigh Bluto: 7.575
  • Kayden Rand: 7.05
  • Julia Banacos: 6.9
  • Kaylee Shaw: 6.75
  • Alexa Jackson: 6.7


  • Alexis Drown: 29.55
  • Kaylee Shaw: 26.3
  • Julia Banacos: 23.2

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