“Silly Season” is more of a British idea than an American one, related to the charge that August – and to some extent September – are regarded as times when important news is short, giving space for newspapers to run the less heavy news. Silly news, in other words. Stuff about two-headed calves and giant chewed gum collections are the sorts of things that can get their 15 minutes of fame in August.

I don’t know if that is less true here or not, but just the idea of it is tempting – August is the last month as school revs up for the coming year, so fooling around in between bouts of back-to-school shopping sounds timely, and possibly absolutely necessary. Anyway, here are some things about August you may not have known.

First of all, it is both “Admit You’re Happy Month” and “Family Fun Month.” Those sound promising, although the idea someone set aside special months or them is sort of sad. However, if you feel it necessary to have permission to admit to your general content with life, now is your chance. Go for it! I am sorry to report that International Clown Week has already passed us by, but considering how so many people are creeped out by clowns it is entirely possible that skipping that will only make your life happier and your family more joyous.

There are a number of other special months for August; I will mention two: Catfish Month, which may or may not involve catfish having parties and cavorting about in fancy dress, and Romance Awareness month. I am kind of puzzled here. I have no problem celebrating romance – few would – but the idea that we have to become aware of it shows me a poverty of sweet feelings is abroad in the country. So while I think it is a wonderful thing to celebrate, I don’t exactly want anyone telling us to set aside a month for it. Maybe it will become a full fledged holiday at some point, which will result in standing for hours in front of greeting card displays to find the exact combination of picture and wording that will express your true feelings. Or hide them, I don’t know. Also the words are hanging just over our heads:”We haven’t even finished with Scurvy Awareness Day (May 2) but they already have Romance Awareness displays out. And the music … ”

Aside from national and international months of celebration/awareness, there are way more special days in August than 31. It is hard to pick favorites, although I have long had a soft spot for Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day, although that sounds like more of a Night activity to me. There is a Wiggle Your Toes Day. Not sure what that’s about. Also a NATIONAL Underwear Day, which I am not going to look up, either.

At most celebrations, there is food. Besides zucchini, August is set to honor ice cream sandwiches, potatoes, raspberry cream pie, beer, nuts, chocolate chip cookies, mustard, s’mores, toasted marshmallows, and trail mix. Watermelon, spumoni, and creamsicles clamor for attention. You can take them to the beach on National Eat Outside Day; considering the amount of sugar celebrated in August it might be good to consider National Tooth Fairly Day. Or not – some say that is in February.

Let us end by observing Bad Poetry Day.

When you find a reason to celebrate,

Do not wait till it’s too late–

My advice to you is to rejoice and cavort,

And do not make it a last resort!