2 Operating after suspension, revocation, refusal
2 Signals required
1 Counterfeit plates, stickers, etc.
1 Speeding
1 Texting while operating motor vehicle
1 Uninspected vehicle

2 Violation of conditions of release
1 Violation of abuse prevention order


6/7, 1:19 a.m., Suspicious, Tennis Ct.
Officer Richard Corbin responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle parked at the tennis courts. He spoke with the occupants and found they were just talking.

6/7, 8:14 a.m., Motor vehicle complaint, Lamoille Terr. 
Officer Ed Larente responded to the water treatment plant on Lamoille Terrace for a complaint of an overweight tractor trailer on the roads. Larente determined the truck had the required permits to be overweight on those roads.

6/7, 4:07 p.m., Disturbance, Pecor Ave.
A woman called the department to report a disturbance, but dispatch was unable to obtain any additional information. Officer Bill Bosworth responded to the call.

6/7, 8:01 p.m., Fireworks, U.S. Route 7 S.
Officer Matt McQueen received a report of fireworks being set off in the area of Sara Marie Apartments. McQueen informed the complainant he would monitor the area.

6/8, 12:46 a.m., Fireworks, U.S. Route 7 S.
Officer McQueen responded to a report of fireworks in the area of Snap Fitness. He was unable to locate anyone in the area and did not see any fireworks being set off.

6/8, 11:41 a.m., Property damage, W Milton Rd./Bear Trap Rd.
Officer Bosworth responded to a minor motor vehicle accident. No injuries were reported.

6/8, 6:16 p.m., Domestic disturbance, U.S. Route 7
Officer Larente responded to a domestic disturbance. On arrival, a neighbor stated she had seen both parties leave together in a convertible vehicle and believed they were headed to the hospital. Larente did not locate a disturbance. 

6/8, 8:11 p.m., Noise, Barnum St./Herrick Ave.
Officer McQueen received a complaint about a loud bass noise coming from the area. He located the noise coming from a car playing music. He advised the owner of the complaint and asked them to be mindful of how loud the bass was.

6/9, 8:37 a.m., Suspicious, U.S. Route 7 S.
Officer Jareco Coulombe received a report of a suspicious vehicle parked in the woods. Investigation determined the vehicle had been stolen from the Milton area.

6/9, 1:13 p.m., Background investigation, Bombardier Rd.
A background check was conducted on a police applicant.

6/9, 7:34 p.m., ATV/snowmobile complaint, Lake Rd./Poor Farm Rd.
Cpl. Christopher Grenier responded to a report of an ATV operating in a field. He checked the area and was unable to locate any ATVs.

6/9, 8:20 p.m., Drugs, Bombardier Rd.
No information was available.

6/10, 2:56 a.m., Traffic stop, U.S. Route 7 S. 
Cpl. Grenier stopped a vehicle for a dysfunctional taillight and issued a warning. 

6/10, 8:58 a.m., Stolen vehicle, Railroad St. 

Detective Nick Hendry took a report of a possible stolen trailer from the area. No other information was available.

6/10, 12:15 p.m., Public assist, U.S. Route 7 S.

A woman flagged down Officer Coulombe to report a road rage incident. She said she was driving down the road when an ATV approached her in her lane, causing her to swerve to avoid a dip in the roadway. The ATV then swerved into her lane. Coulombe learned the incident had occurred in Georgia on Route 7 near the library.

6/10, 11:08 p.m., Simple assault, U.S. Route 7
No information was available.

6/11, 5:22 a.m., Vandalism, Bombardier Rd./Elm Pl.
Officer Corbin responded to a report of a tree laying in the parking lot of Elm Place. Upon arrival, Corbin noted it appeared as though someone had pulled the tree up from the ground and laid it in the parking lot. Corbin and Cpl. Grenier replanted the tree to the best of their ability.

6/11, 1:17 p.m., Traffic stop, Sand Bar State Park
Detective Hendry stopped a vehicle for an expired tag and issued a written warning. 

6/11, 3:48 p.m., Suspicious, River St.
Detective Hendry responded to a report of suspicious activity at the Sunshine Laundromat. A witness stated four occupants in a blue minivan had been sitting in the parking lot, and when police vehicles went by with lights and sirens, the occupants fled from the area on foot. On arrival, the van and occupants were gone.

6/11, 8:54 p.m., Fireworks, Clark Falls Rd./Owen Ct.
Cpl. Grenier observed fireworks in the area of Owen Court. He was unable to locate the source after checking the area.

6/12, 4:55 a.m., Agency assist, Roberts Ct.
Essex Police Department requested Cpl. Grenier deliver a message to a burglary victim. 

6/12, 6:49 a.m., Vandalism, Park Pl.   
Officer Bosworth received a report of vandalism in Bombardier Park from a town employee. Investigation determined someone damaged the sink in one of the bathrooms.

6/12, 1:20 p.m., Threats/harassment, U.S. Route 7 S.
Officer Bosworth responded to a domestic issue. He explained the process for obtaining a relief from abuse order.

6/12, 6:09 p.m., TRO/FRO violation, U.S. Route 7
Officer Larente arrested a man for violation of a relief abuse order.

6/13, 12:20 a.m., Intoxication, Dewey Dr.
Cpl. LaFountain responded to a man’s request for an officer transport him to ACT 1. The man advised he wanted to get help for his drinking.

6/13, 2:12 a.m., Traffic hazard, Bear Trap Rd.
Cpl. LaFountain responded to a report of a tree in the roadway. He removed the tree.

6/13, 11:46 p.m., Burglary, Route 7 S.
Cpl. Detective Frank Scalise is currently investigating a residential burglary. 

6/13, Public assist, Route 7
Officer McQueen responded to a complainant who requested an officer contact her for information on conditions of release. The complainant currently has a court order preventing third party contact.