In several of the recent issues of the Milton Independent you have published several articles on Milton’s town and school budgets. All the stories mention that both the school and town budgets need to increase to level fund the system. I maintain that the school budget can be decreased by millions and no one would even notice.

The simple solution to this ever increasing budget is to start treating all school employees the way we treat our School bus drivers. Our school bus drivers do a magnificent job. They provide our children a safe commute to and from school every day. For all their labor they get no healthcare. They get no retirement. They get no job security. They get no paid time off. They get No paid sick leave. They get no free education to raise their pay. The school and their employer can remove them at any time for no reason except somebody finds them offensive. Despite all that they continue to work every day without complaint.

There is absolutely no reason why school administrators, teachers, and support staff can’t be treated the same way and they would love it! We would save millions contracting out the school employees just like the bus drivers. Oh, I forgot to mention the very low pay the bus drivers get. The twelve-year-old you see riding lawn mowers around the schools in the summer make more money! But we love our kids!

The town budget can’t be cut by millions but there are areas that could be eliminated. First the town fathers must figure out what we need versus what we want. Let’s do a survey and ask the town tax payers how many use the recreation department and facilities. I don’t and I see no reason why I have to pay for others who do. I’m reasonably certain you’ll find lots of residents who don’t use them either. The same could be said for the library. Pay to play...a simple concept. Since I doubt anything will be done to save money perhaps I should take an interest in the recreation scene and maybe get a gun range developed behind the town offices. Now, that I would use and might even pay to do it.

Alan Hatch

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