Letters to the Editor: April 11, 2019

The current MTSD proposed school budget offers a balance of smart investment in our priority areas of educational instruction, proactive maintenance of our infrastructure, restructuring our administrative structure to be more effective and efficient, and fiscal responsibility for the future. As a Board member, I have heard from voters who have concerns about educational inequality, ineffective disciplinary actions, and concerns with the bussing system. However, I also have heard and seen our schools do amazing things! Our academic test scores have continued to improve, and we have identified the areas that we next need to target in the upcoming years. A large number of students take Advanced Placement classes every year. We continue to have great representation of our district at academic competitions like National History Day or the Vermont Mock Trial. Most importantly, we have started on a visioning process, partnering with the community, to look at where we want to be as a district and as a community in the next five years. 

Our goal is that every child graduates from high school prepared for college, a career, and a future as a productive member of their community. We frequently say that strong schools make strong communities, but it is also true that strong schools need the strong support of their community. 

There are only a few days left to cast your ballot! Stop into the town offices anytime between now and Tuesday, or go to the polls on Tuesday, April 16. Your vote matters!

Rick Dooley

Disclaimer: Mr. Dooley is vice-chair of the MTSD School Board, but is not writing on the Board’s behalf

Not filing a petition

I have decided, due to the expense to the taxpayers of Milton, I will not be moving forward with the petition to have a special election to fill the seat that Chris Taylor resigned from. I am the first to complain about spending taxpayer dollars and I cannot justify spending money on another election. Sally Nolan aka Sally LaPorte is right and I quote, “THE VOTERS spoke.” I served on the board last term with her husband, Ken Nolan, and I thought we worked well together for this community. I plan on attending many selectboard meetings and staying involved. I do want to say “thank you” to the 694 voters who did show confidence in me as a selectboard member and hope when I run in March, I can increase this number.

Brenda Steady