It was terrific to see so many young people engaged in the workings of government this week. The 2019 class of Eagle Scouts were honored for their accomplishments with a House resolution. Congratulations to all the Eagle Scouts for their accomplishments and to their families, Scoutmasters, mentors and scout leaders for getting them across the finish line!

The Youth Climate Lobby had clear and well-informed questions for legislators regarding efforts to curb climate emissions, spur a green economy, and protect Vermont’s natural resources for their generation and beyond.

Lastly, we said goodbye to the first group of Legislative Pages, eighth graders who work in the statehouse for six weeks. If you are interested, applications are due in September of your eighth-grade year. Here is an excerpt of my message to them:

“We hope you’ve gained an appreciation for the care and feeding, the compassion and compromise, required to make a living democracy successful. Our country’s founders dared to imagine a government whose power came from the governed- from the people. Collective decision-making, by and for people with wildly different experiences, priorities and values is messy. Done thoughtfully, it is hard. And done right, it is time-consuming. I deeply believe it is well worth the nurturing and the investment. But the dream of our founders survives only as long as The People are informed, engaged, inclusive and civil. On the national level, that conversation is playing out about who we are as people of these United States and how we want to define our future. Here in Montpelier, that work takes the form of debates- at times intense, at times tedious- about whether something should be permissive or required, the balance between individual rights and collective well-being, and which investments are most likely to create a stronger, healthier future for our state. Every day in this building, we are reminded that making that vision a true reality is difficult and important work.”

Please reach out to us: Speaker Mitzi Johnson at 802-363-4448 and, or Rep. Lee Morgan at 802-318-0227 and

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