Phase I - A Vision of Learning

In January of 2019, the MTSD began a journey to create a district Vision of Learning. This vision includes,

A vision statement - what the system hopes to achieve (future target)

A mission statement - what we provide daily so that we may achieve our vision

A set of beliefs and values - the guiding principles or values we rely on when we are at our best in terms of teaching, learning, relationships and partnerships

A theory of action - the core actions the MTSD Board will take to achieve the vision

A set of priorities - measurable goals that support the achievement of the vision and that will be monitored by the MTSD Board

This work has harnessed the time, energy and perspectives of staff, students, parents, the school board and the community. Through data collection and analysis we have used an iterative process of creating drafts, receiving feedback and fine tuning a Vision of Learning. This continues to be a work in progress; however, we are close and almost ready to share our results in a public celebration. Then the hard work begins and we will continue to need your help.

Phase II - A Strategic Plan

In a time of constancy; that is, a condition of met needs and predictability, it is sufficient to monitor district operations or the status quo. Our society is not in a state of constancy though. Significant changes in community demographics, the form and function of the workforce, the manner in which people live, receive their education and even eat, shop, and entertain themselves is shaping the types of services provided and how they are delivered. The town of Milton has many municipal projects underway and is constantly thinking about how to better serve our growing community. At the same time, the Milton Town School District is also thinking about how to best structure education to ensure that our graduates are prepared to thrive, pursue their passions, and contribute dynamically locally and globally to a changing world.

In order for this to happen, MTSD needs a Strategic Plan, to the degree that is humanly possible, that reflects the needs of our students and the communities where they will live for many years to come. To do this we must consider the range of students we are serving, our programming, grade configurations, the roles of learners and teachers, and even the physical plant. Will we continue to see ourselves as primarily a kindergarten through grade 12 system, entrenched in the traditional trajectory of learning subjects in isolation within the four walls of the classroom separated by grade clusters in which all children must fit the mold? I hope not.

An opportunity is upon us - not just as a school district, but as a community. We have just finished a robust visioning process. Now is the time to examine the results of our Vision of Learning and create a 5 year MTSD Strategic Plan that truly reflects the future needs of our students and community. Your voice matters and there will be many ways you can contribute. Beginning in January 2020, opportunities to participate in the MTSD Strategic Plan process will be available. Please consider joining us in this exciting work.

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