John Palasik

John Palasik

Friday, March 13th was our last day physically working within the Statehouse due to the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Representatives have been working from home. Legislative committees have been meeting via conference calls to take up COVID-19 related measures, such as changes to our unemployment laws, health care needs and open meeting laws. Governor Scott, with ongoing advice from the Health Commissioner and other key staff, has been issuing executive orders on a regular basis to deal with the crisis.

H.742 is a bill that initially included training of emergency medical personal, health care, licensing of medical professionals, pharmacies, etc. The House sent this bill on that Friday to the Senate for their action. It appears this bill may now include several amendments directly relating to COVID-19. It is possible this bill may get passed this week.

Changes to law that will allow votes to be taken remotely by committees is up for action this week. Current law also requires House and Senate members to be physically present in their respective chambers to vote. This needs to temporarily change to allow for effective passage of bills due to the Statehouse being closed because of restrictions in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Town of Milton has implemented several emergency operations. The town website includes much information on this and COVID-19.

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everything we do. The current State of Emergency has placed extreme hardship on everyone. Understanding the seriousness of this pandemic and everyone working hard on its mitigation measures including very frequent washing of hands and the

6-foot social distancing rule will greatly help.

Please continue to contact me with your interests and concerns at which is my legislative email. You can leave messages at (802) 893-4851 or at the Sergeant at Arms Office at the Statehouse number of (802) 828-2228.

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