This feature highlights Milton students, grades K-12, who demonstrate a commitment to their community through volunteerism and being overall good citizens. This week, we feature Milton Elementary School students, Josh Robitaille, a second-grader on Mrs. Korb’s and Mrs. Maurer’s team, and Oliver Rutherford, a fifth-grader on Mrs. Brown’s and Ms. Robert’s team.

Oliver is extremely helpful and willing to take on any task. Oliver is caring and will check on classmates and friends to make sure they are okay or if they need help. He also has worked diligently in reading and social studies so far this year! He has already flown through three books and is on his fourth. He comes ready to learn and has been really helpful. We can’t wait to see how much more Oliver continues to grow!

Josh has worked hard during the first month of school to show all he know in math, reading, and writing. He is always an active participant in all lessons. Josh is always willing to share his thinking and work through a challenging concept. Josh is an incredible helper and friend! He is always willing to lend a helping hand to any student or adult who might need it. Josh will often recognize when someone needs helps and provide it without even being asked. He has helped students with tasks ranging from packing their backpack to completing a class assignment. Keep up the amazing work Josh!