Obituary: Taihlynn Marayeh Caron-McLaughlin

CHARLOTTE – Taihlynn Marayeh Caron-McLaughlin was born Oct. 12, 2018 at 5:52 a.m. In the short time she was here on earth, she made many friends Including the NICU nurses team at UVM Medical Center.

When she smiled, she brightened the sky even on the cloudiest days. Taihlynn loved to cuddle with her Daddy and Mommy; she was such a happy baby girl. She never cried unless she had a reason to. She was and always will be our little Princess.

Taihlynn is predeceased by her maternal aunt, Tanya Caron, in May 2010; her paternal great-grandma, Shirley, in December 1999; and her maternal grandfather, Joseph Felix Caron, who passed in November 1984.

She leaves behind her mother, Heather Caron, and her father, Daniel McLaughlin, from Burlington and Kansas City, Kan.; her aunt Angela and her husband, Jesse Rupe, and their kids Mensur, Alejandro, Aurianna, Karina and Donovan of Rutland; her godparents, who are also her aunt Christina Beltran and uncle Jeremy Estevez, and their kids Saniya and Christopher of Charlotte; her aunt Cassandra Duff and her children Ethan, Jade and Courtney Whitten and Conner Sullivan of Brattleboro; her aunt Cathy and uncle Jacob their son, Little Jacob; her great uncle, Paul Eric Vincent of Stowe; her maternal grandma, Darlene Dubuque, and paternal grandmother, Doni McLaughlin; her maternal great-grandmother, Caroline Putnam Carlson; by many more great aunt, uncles and cousins; and by sister Tanya Caron’s children as well: Whitney, Joseph and Isaiah Murphy and their father, Uncle Fredrick.

Funeral services were held Friday, Nov. 9, 2018 at Cornerstone Community Bible Church in Milton.

Donations may be made to Taihlynn’s parents or on her GoFundMe page created and managed by Angela Marie Rupe.

A special thank you to Minor Funeral Home in Milton for all its support and help during this devastating time. Viewing was from 1-2 p.m. on Friday before the funeral service. Friends were requested to bring a dish for the potluck following the services.