In Memoriam: James W. Katon

Each day I wake to start a day that’s normal as can be.

Some cooking, cleaning, housework, as busy as a bee.

But everyday the thoughts of you that buzz around my head distract me from this busy life and I stop to think instead.

You never let things get you down you took them in your stride, you cared and loved us ALL Dad with such gratitude and pride.

The whole world could be screaming but you it never phased.

For this dear Dad and a whole lot more, It’s you we have to praise.

I hope you know how proud I was to have you in my life,

How proud you made us kids and of course your loving wife, 

We miss you everyday Dad our lives are not the same,

The ache in our hearts that once you filled just will not go away.

So strange as it may seem Dad as I stand here loosing patience, with this endlessness of cooking and nagging of hungry kids,

I take a while to calm myself and my thoughts are all of you, For you make me smile you had that affect on everyone you knew.

As a Father and a Husband no man could take your place, I’m so thankful you were in my life you will never be replaced.

Love us all Dad, including the Wife!!