Amy Rex (Photo: LinkedIn)

This is the first of many reports the Milton Town School District administration and school trustees will circulate for the purpose of fostering community engagement, in order to provide information and updates, seek input and support and promote dialogue and informed decision-making

On August 18, the MTSD Board and I held a full day retreat. This report is a summary outline of the retreat. Foremost, we are very excited to be working together. It is our collective commitment to have a partnership defined by strong, mutual accountability to assure that all students receive a high-quality education and taxpayers receive an excellent return on their investment.

Our first order of business was to establish common agreements. These agreements center on board trustees and superintendent roles and responsibilities, handling complaints, communication between meetings and the role of committees.

In addition to establishing common agreements for a positive and productive working relationship, we identified both short term and long-term goals for achieving our collective commitment.

Short Term:

  1. Utilize the MTSD Continuous Improvement Plan to guide and monitor district work. This plan focuses on the following areas:
    • High quality instructional practices,
    • Coordinated academic, social/emotional and behavioral supports for all students,
    • Culturally responsive practices, and
    • Communication and engagement strategies
  2. Continue the focus on space utilization and school safety.
  3. Utilize monitoring results to prioritize programming in order to create a budget that accurately reflects our needs.

Long Term:

  1. Engage the community in a visioning process that will guide the development of a 3-5 year strategic growth plan for the MTSD.
  2. Develop a systematic process for measuring, reporting and responding on the goals identified in the strategic plan.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.