Cynthia Wojtyna

Cynthia Wojtyna with her BelleRose Organic Body Nourishments.

Cynthia Wojtyna made her first body butters as cost-saving holiday gifts for her family. Wojtyna’s family members said her butters were so good she should go into business.

And that’s exactly what she did.

Wojtyna named her business BelleRose Organic Body Nourishments after her children. “Belle” is short for “Arabella,” Wojtyna’s younger daughter, and “Rose” short for “Abigail Rose,” Wojtyna’s elder daughter.

Wojtyna was a stay-at-home mom when she started her business. Now her daughters help out in little ways — for example shaking the BelleRose hair serum.

“I’m hoping, down the road, this really succeeds and then I would have something to give to them,” Wojtyna said.

BelleRose is already successful just a few months shy of a year in existence. Wojtyna unloaded what was then her entire stock to the Mountain Top Inn and Resort in Killington weeks before this interview, and her products have already been distributed as far south as to a Florida salon.

That’s especially impressive because it’s a one-person show, all Wojtyna. She makes the products, she does the marketing and she even distributes purchases in person.

She also stressed that she personally tests each product. Take for example the BelleRose healing balm: Wojtyna’s mother-in-law said it worked to relieve her psoriasis, and Wojtyna saw first-hand how well it worked on her daughter’s eczema.

“Three times I put it on, done,” Wojtyna said. “No more eczema.

“I research it, and then I make it, and then I test it, and then I sell it.”

Research is important because a key component of Wojtyna’s products is specific ingredients — specifically U.S. Dept. of Agriculture-certified organic ingredients.

“All of my ingredients, I have to see a certificate or I will not purchase that ingredient,” Wojtyna said.

Sourcing exclusively USDA-certified organic ingredients makes product assembly more expensive on Wojtyna’s end. She said she tries to keep the price of her products as low as possible considering that expense.

“I try not to charge too much because it’s in Vermont, and I want to keep it in Vermont,” Wojtyna said. “Obviously my Vermonters, I don’t want to charge them as much because I want them to have my products.”

Those products include lip balms, an alcohol-free perfume lasting up to eight hours entirely made of fractionated coconut oil and essential oils, coconut lime verbana, hair serum and body butters.

To purchase BelleRose products or for more information call 370-7436, email or visit