Stars, they are stars

glowing from afar on a dimly lit stage,

creating constellations,

weaving a story of old.

Stars, rolling across the sky

to reach for another, to hold each other,

to lift each other, to become

one with each other.

If dance is the ink this story is written in,

then emotion is the paper it is written on.

Underlying aspects

hold everything together.

Arguments are held,

love confessions are made,

difficult times are powered through.

All this, without the use of a single word,

but with sharp turns instead –

dramatic gestures, emphatic expressions.

It’s a language that transcends the rest.

Every action is matched with another,

though not every action

tells the same story.

A lift of the arms is angry defiance,

or wholehearted acceptance.

Every move is choreographed

to synchronized perfection

by these experts in their craft,

who use every part of their bodies –

faces, arms, wheelchairs –

to tell the story in a truly unique way...

Amelia Canney, 17, Milton

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