Students Stepping Up: Jan. 24, 2019

Alexander Gallagher 
Age 17, Grade 12

1. For my service I helped the Children’s Miracle Network who run the “Big Change Roundup.” I helped them pack up the kits they give to schools.

2. This is an important project because I have been in the hospital a lot and I felt this is a way to give back to a wonderful organization. The result of this work is that the kits that we packed will be used to help spread the message of the Children’s Miracle Network.

3. I learned that there are many people dedicated to the goals of helping the children in the hospital and I am proud to have been able to work with them. It has given me some perspective on giving and the importance of helping charities [and] those in need.

“Alex demonstrated outstanding professionalism and was an excellent representative of Milton High School,” said Jackie Woodwell of the UVM Children’s Hospital. Alex volunteered 30 hours to help with roundup and gala events, she said.

Cody Hyldburg
Age 17, Grade 12

1.  For my community service, I volunteered every summer at a Jump Rope camp called “Jump-In Leadership Program.” This camp is run by the Girl Scouts. I served my community by being a positive role model and leader to younger girls.

2.  Experiencing this camp helped me work well with other kids my age along with developing the most effective way to talk to younger kids.

3.   I learned the world is a small place so we should be kind to everyone we meet. This helps me at school because I’ve learned to work well with my classmates and how to effectively communicate with everyone.

“Cody provided great effort and positive energy to the Jump-In program. She has gone above and beyond throughout her entire time with us, said Alaina Mejia, counselor for Jump-In. Cody volunteered 280 hours over her summers and enhanced her fellow campers’ experience, she said.

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