Aaliyah Duboiis

Aaliyah Dubois

In nominating Aaliyah as a Student Stepping Up, teachers at Milton Middle School said, “Aaliyah can be defined as a quiet leader, she does not need to be loud to make a strong, positive impact.”

Name, age, grade

My name is Aaliyah Dubois and I am Team Prospect 8th grader.

How did you serve the community? How did you choose this project?

I feel that I serve our team and school community b being myself. I prefer to be happy, work hard, help my classmates when they need and I love to dance. Dancing is where I feel I am at my best, it makes me most happy and it makes me smile

Why is this an important project and what will result?

I think it is important to stand up for what I believe in. Hopefully, it will make a difference especially if it’s done in a positive and respectful way. I also try to do my best in school to learn and help others learn.

What have you learned about your community from doing your work, and how has it made you a better student?

I have learned that if you work hard, it does pay off. It also can inspire others to do their best. Dancing is also important- it’s important to find something you really enjoy doing. It makes you feel good about yourself, especially because it’s a place when you can really feel successful.

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