Milton started the year with a challenging winter plowing season and ended it with clean-up for a severe storm that damaged roads and culverts.

In a typical winter, Milton’s public works department responds to 30-32 storms. For the 2018-2019 winter, the town sent out its plow trucks 58 times.

That’s a lot of sand, salt, fuel and overtime for a town with 114 miles of road.

Worried the storms would send the town over budget, town manager Don Turner asked town staff to avoid any purchases which could be delayed. He lifted the freeze in May when it was clear the town would stay in budget.

Then came a busy construction season, including replacing two bridges on East Road and a culvert on Lake Road.

The work was nearly complete when the Halloween rainstorm hit. One of the bridges was essentially complete but gravel being used on the second bridge was washed away, creating delays.

The greatest damage was one to Rollin’ Irish and Mars Hollow roads. A culvert was washed out on Rollin’ Irish and a portion of Mars Hollow Road was destroyed.

Both have since been repaired.

The storm also damaged the southbound Exit 18 ramp, a major route into Milton for those traveling south. Repairs were expected to be complete on the ramp this week.

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