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Between Friday, Oct. 25 and Thursday, Oct. 31, the Milton Police Dept. responded to 186 incidents, issuing nine traffic tickets and 47 warnings. MPD arrested two people, both for driving under the influence, during that period.

Below is a selection of those incidents.

This log wouldn’t be possible without the generous assistance of the department.

Friday, Oct. 25

3:36 p.m. Poor Farm Road/Lake Road. Kids on dirt bikes. Responding to a complaint about juveniles riding dirt bikes on the road, Officer Jones spoke with the kids and their parents about the legality and safety of their activity, including the potential for large fines.

6:50 p.m. Park Place. Intoxication. Officer Jones was called to deal with an intoxicated person at the town’s Trunk or Treat event. He remained with the person until a family member arrived to take them home.

Saturday, Oct. 26

9:54 a.m. Woodcrest Circle. Mailbox vandalism. Officer Jones determined an object had been swung into the mailbox. The case is still active.

4:31 p.m. Racine Road. Man on road with rifle. Officer Jones spotted a man walking along the road with a rifle and stopped to talk with him. The man said he was placing a trail camera on a section of his property further own the road.

7:05 p.m. Arrowhead Lake. Gunshots. Officer Corbin responded to a complaint that duck hunting was occurring during a prohibited time. He was unable to locate the source of the shots.

10:05 p.m. US RT 7 near Snap Fitness. Officer Corbin stopped a vehicle driven by Lawrence White, 72, of Swanton, for failure to stay in in his lane. After stopping White, Corbin arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence. White was issued a court citation and released.

Tuesday, Oct. 29

11:40 a.m. Bombardier Road. Social media trouble. Officer McQueen spoke with a complainant who was upset about an acquaintance who she believed was using fake social media accounts to write bad reviews about her business. McQueen explained this was not a crime and spoke with her about civil libel/slander laws and potential civil actions she could take. He also spoke with her about the court process for protective orders if the situation escalated.

1:28 p.m. Kim Lane. Dirt bikes, again. Corporal Porter responded to a report of dirt bikes trespassing on the common land adjacent to the complainant’s property. Porter was unable to locate the dirt bikes or their riders.

Wednesday, Oct. 30

7:54 a.m. Middle Road near Dollar General. Swerving vehicle. Responding to a complaint of a vehicle being driven erratically and swerving sharply off of the road Corporal Coulombe located the driver parked on the side of the road. The driver reported that he had spilled coffee while driving and had stopped to clean it up. Phillip Katon, 52, of Milton, who was a passenger in the car, had an outstanding arrest warrant. He was taken into custody and transported to a correctional facility.

2:07 p.m. Griswold Drive/Hobbs Road. A non-drunken fall. Sgt. Philbrook responded to a report of an intoxicated man falling of his bike. Philbrook found the man, whose bike chain had derailed, causing the fall. Although the man had been drinking, he was not intoxicated, Philbrook determined.

8:07 p.m. U.S. Rt 7 / Clifford Road. Dangerous biking. Corporal Porter stopped a juvenile who was riding his bike without reflectors or lights. Porter spoke with the rider about the dangers or riding at night and the importance of deflectors.

Thursday, Oct. 31

10:35 p.m. Taylor Street. Intoxication. Officer Noel took a man described as “heavily intoxicated” into custody. The man was taken to ACT 1 to sober up, but was later transported to detox at the correctional center after he threatened ACT 1 staff.