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Between Friday, Nov. 15 and Thursday, Nov. 22, the Milton Police Dept. responded to 175 incidents. Officers issued 34 tickets and 33 warnings. Twenty-two of the tickets were for speeding. MPD officers also made four arrests.

Below are additional details about some of the incidents handled by MPD.

This log would not be possible without the generous assistance of the department.

Friday, Nov. 15

12:04 a.m. I-89. Officer Noel assisted an officer from the Colchester Police Department who was conducting field sobriety exercises with a possibly impaired driver. Following the exercises, the operator was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

9:31 a.m. Southerberry Drive. Officer McQueen mediated a fight between neighbors over a dog being outside on the common land.

11:50 a.m. Route 7. A customer of a local bank reported to police that an investment account had been hacked and the customer had been told to provide his social security number in order to regain control of the account. MPD reported that “due to the bank’s diligence the scam was unsuccessful.”

6:25 p.m. Mears Road. A new driver was out practicing driving when they took a corner too wide, hit snow and ice, and went off of the roadway into a power pole. Officer McQueen determined that speed and inexperience were contributing factors in the crash.

Saturday, Nov. 16

8:15 p.m. Erling Drive. Officer Bosworth took a driver who had parked at the end of a dead end roadway into custody on suspicion of being under the influence of a drug. A drug recognition expert agreed the driver appeared to be under the influence. Charges are pending, depending on the results of a blood test.

Monday, Nov. 18

1:10 p.m. Hannaford Supermarket. The store’s asset protection department contacted MPD about an employee allegedly stealing both money and items from the store. Courtney Sizen, 34, of Milton, was subsequently arrested and charged with seven counts of embezzlement and three counts of retail theft.

4:53 p.m. Hannaford parking lot. Police responded to a report of a possible domestic disturbance to find a father and son confused by the arrival of the police. The son had been yelling at his father, but only because the father is hard of hearing.

9:28 p.m. Route 2. Sgt. Locke cited Jacob Curry, 22, of South Hero, for excessive speed after he observed Curry pass several vehicles in winter conditions. Curry was reportedly driving 80 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Tuesday, Nov. 19

5:58 p.m. Taylor Street. Both the Milton police and rescue departments responded to a call of young child being bitten by a dog. The child reportedly suffered minor injuries. The dog was taken to the town kennel because it was not registered with the town. Town ordinances require that all dogs be registered with the town and have rabies vaccinations.

Wednesday, Nov. 20

2:38 p.m. Ledge Drive. Officer McQueen responded to a report of a car hitting a guard rail, but when he arrived the car had gone down the embankment. Charles Green, 61, of Burlington, was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence as a result of the accident.

Thursday, Nov. 21

7:16 p.m. Route 2. Car vs. deer. Officer Bosworth responded to the accident and determined that the driver was traveling at the posted speed limit when a deer ran onto the doorway.

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