Milton seeks Village Center designation

The Milton selectboard on July 15 voted to amend the town comprehensive plan to include language that will let the town apply for a Village Center Designation.

Such a designation, given through the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, is designed to accelerate economic development.  If designated, property owners  and private developers in Milton’s Village district, centered around Route 7 and Main Street, would be eligible for a host of tax credits for renovation, storefront improvement, and code improvement. The designation also gives priority consideration for state grants and building services for merchants who lease their building. 

The designated area would run from Route 7 over to Railroad Street, and down from Main Street to Cherry Street.  Town Manager Don Turner said he’s excited for the potential designation.

“We have a neat village,” said Turner. “It’s not in our downtown, but it’s a great area.”

Turner said the designation is great for development because it doesn’t carry any requirements for developers.

“It doesn’t hold people to any standards, and there’s no design review committee beyond the town,” he said. 

Turner said the move is a good step in the town’s efforts to emerge as a vital area for commerce and quality of life.

“We have a lot of heritage here and I’m proud of our community,” he said. “We’re excited for this opportunity.”