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The Milton Police Department released a statement Thursday in response to a video of a May 10 arrest that sparked intense discussion on social media.

The video was shared June 25 in a Facebook group for Milton residents and depicted two Milton police officers arresting a young Black male.

The male, whose name the department cannot release because he is minor, was under arrest for multiple burglaries, according to the statement.

Milton PD received multiple calls April 30 regarding several local businesses that had been burglarized. The arrested individual was seen by a witness in the burglarized area, and when the officers attempted to make contact with the male, he attempted to escape arrest. He also provided the officers with a false name and date of birth. 

Upon initially viewing the video, dozens of Facebook users claimed in comments the officers used excessive use of force. Some comments stated the officers tased the individual three times. 

According to the statement, the officers did not tase the individual. The taser seen in the video was used for display purposes only. 

The male has since been returned to the State of New Jersey, where he was wanted for a parole violation. 

Under Milton PD’s Facebook post sharing its statement, hundreds more Facebook users commented. Many users thanked the department for the transparency regarding the incident and for responding appropriately and bravely.

Police Chief Stephen Laroche stated the officers involved in the arrest completed Use of Force reports, which were reviewed by a supervisor. 

“It was determined the officers involved in the incident used the necessary amount of force to make the arrest and no excessive force was used,” Laroche stated. 

Laroche also stated given current and past events occurring in law enforcement, he and the department are taking these matters very seriously. 

“We have asked the lead Vermont Use of Force instructor to review the tactics deployed by the officers in the incident to ensure the officers followed their training,” he stated. 


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