Ice out clock

Randy Barrows, left, and his son, pose on Curran’s Pond next to the cinder blocks connected to the clock which will determine the official time when then ice goes out on the pond.

After years of following the ice out on Joe’s Pond in Danville, Randy Barrows approached the Milton Recreation Dept. about doing something in similar. He received an enthusiastic ‘yes’ in response and now residents will be able to guess when they believe the ice will leave Arrowhead Mountain Lake, or a at least a section of it.

Tickets cost $1 each and are available at the recreation department office, Frey’s Family Deli and Convenience Store, and online at Tickets will be on sale throughout February and March.

Fifty percent of the ticket sales will go to the person who most closely guesses the date and time of the ice out. The other 50 percent will go to support the town’s Fourth of July festivities.

The Joe’s Pond Ice-Out raised $5,600 last year, paying out an equal amount. Barrows said he doesn’t expect Milton’s ice out to raise that much it’s first year.

Barrows set up a timer on Curran’s Pond using cinder blocks and a battery powered clock. When the blocks sink, they’ll pull the batteries from the clock, stopping it and giving a time for the official ice out.

The plans he found for a timer called for an electric clock. “Trying to find an electric clock these days is like trying to find hen’s teeth,” he said.

So he improvised with the battery-powered clock and 30-pound fishing line. “When the blocks sink, hopefully it’s going to yank the batteries out of the clock,” Barrows said.

The clock was set up on the pond, which is cut off from the main body of the lake, because of the changes in the lake as a result of the dam. “The lake itself is constantly rising and falling because of the dam,” said Barrows.

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