The plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Milton Town School District may appeal the damages determination made by the jury.

That decision is still pending, according to his attorney Jerry O’Neill of Gravel and Shea.

“The jury found that the school district was negligent in its supervision of the members of the football team who assaulted our client, a conclusion fully justified by the evidence,” O’Neill told the Independent. “However, we have concerns with respect to jury instructions relating to damages. We are working with our client to review our next steps.”

Last month a jury awarded $280,000 to a young man who was sexually assaulted at a football team party in 2012. Given that another student who had been similarly assaulted by football teammates had committed suicide, the jury found that the school should have anticipated that such assaults could occur and taken steps to protect students on the team.

Two of his teammates, Colby Darling and Brian Lasell, served 18-month deferred sentences for simple assault for the attack on the plaintiff.

The school district has said it will not appeal the jury’s decision.

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