An otherwise unsightly water storage building on the Milton-Georgia border will become a work of art, thanks to the efforts of the Milton Artists Guild and funding from the Georgia Fire District.

The 300-square-foot building, which is on private land owned by the Henderson family, is used for water storage by the Georgia Fire District. The district wanted to say thank you to the family and so raised money and sought an artist to create a Vermont-themed mural.

“It was an eyesore,” said MAG artist coordinator Gisela Alpert. “So now as the Hendersons drive up to their house they can see artwork instead.

The three-sided building will eventually feature three scenes that depict the seasons.

The district chose Vermont artist and teacher Jean Cannon to complete the mural. Cannon has for the past 40 years worked as a professional artist, and teaches art and art history through the Community College of Vermont. 

Cannon works in watercolor and mixed medium, and plans to depict winter and spring, the second will be summer and the third will show an autumn scene.

The district approved the design at their Aug. 15 meeting.