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Top row left to right: Logan T., Jacob T., Sean B., Tabby L., Damien B., Kody M., Casey Fredenburgh (grade 5 consulting teacher). Bottom row left to right: Lindsey Paquette (grade 5 consulting teacher) Logan B., Cody H., Moriah F., Emma F., Kayden A., Michael M., Michael G.

A class of fifth graders at Milton Elementary School wrote thank you letters to soldiers overseas who won’t be home for Thanksgiving, as part of a national letter-writing campaign.

The project, known as the, “Big Thank You,” is organized by a radio show in Atlanta, Georgia called the Bert Show. According to the radio’s website, over the past several years, more than, “a million handwritten letters of thanks,” have been sent to to serviceman and women deployed outside the United States.

MES fifth grade teacher Casey Fredenburgh heard about the project via a friend and encouraged her students to write letters.

“They wanted every state represented and a person that I know in Georgia said that Vermont was not being represented in these letters to the soldiers, so we decided to step up and say thank you by writing handwritten letters to the soldiers,” Fredenburgh explained with help from her class.

Damien B. said he wrote, “Thank you for protecting us,” Cody H. wrote about how it was snowing in Vermont, and Tabby L. said she wrote about how she was thankful, “for helping everyone stay safe.”

“I’m really proud of you guys,” said Fredenburgh to her class of fifth graders. “You guys wrote some amazing letters.”

In light of the holiday, students also noted what they are thankful for this year. Logan T. said he was thankful for sports, Kayden A. is thankful for his brother and sister, and Michael M. said he is thankful for his country.

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