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Between Friday, Sept. 27 and Thursday, Oct. 3 the Milton Police Dept. responded to 184 calls for service, issued 14 tickets for traffic violations and 51 warnings.

Below is a sampling of some of those calls.

The police log is made possible with the generous assistance of officers at the Milton Police Dept.

Friday, Sept. 27

3:15 a.m. Railroad Street: Officers responded to a report of an intoxicated female who was out of control. Upon arrival officers spoke with the parties involved who advised no police assistance was needed because a plan was in place to get the intoxicated person home.

8:23 a.m. US Route 7: Officers responded to a report of an intoxicated male who had fallen of a bicycle. The male was, indeed, intoxicated and officers transported him to a detox facility.

Saturday, Sept. 28

1:41 a.m. Centre Drive: Officer Corbin stopped a vehicle for erratic operation. The driver, Alisha M. McNally, 27, was found to be impaired by alcohol and was arrested and processed for DUI.

9:00 a.m. Beaver Brook Road: Officer Noel stopped a vehicle driven by someone he knew had a suspended license. The operator was issued a citation to appear in court for the criminal offense of Driving with a Suspended License.

10:40 a.m. Lake Champlain: Officer Noel responded to US Route 2 to assist the United States Coast Guard with a report of an unoccupied paddle board floating in the lake. He located a male with a paddle board in the area who advised he had been with the paddle board the whole time and did not need assistance.

Sunday, Sept. 29

3:15 a.m. US Route 7: Officer Jones stopped a vehicle for multiple violations and determined the operator, Sara Lacroix, 43, was under the influence of alcohol. She was arrested and processed for DUI at the Milton Police Department.

10:24 a.m. US Route 7: Officer Noel stopped a vehicle and determined the operator was driving with a criminally suspended license. The operator will appear in court at a later date to answer to the charge.

3:12 p.m. Summit Way: Officer Noel is investigating a report of the theft of hemp plants. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Milton Police Department.

3:23 p.m. Westford Road: Corporal Coulombe is investigating a report of a theft from a vehicle and a resulting credit card fraud case.

4:36 p.m. US Route 7: Corporal Coulombe stopped a vehicle for an expired inspection sticker from 2016. The operator was determined to have a criminally suspended license, arrested and released with a citation to appear in court.

9:05 p.m. Railroad Street: Officer Corbin arrested the operator of a vehicle who had been stopped for erratic operation. The operator, Timothy R. Parrow, 42, was charged with a second driving under the influence offense.

Tuesday, Oct. 1

4:28 Patridge Lane: Officers responded to a report of an intoxicated person. They spoke with the person who declined offers of medical assistance. The person was determined to not be incapacitated and no further action was taken.

Thursday, Oct. 3

7:18 a.m. Maplewood Ave: A tractor trailer was parked on a sidewalk. Sergeant LaFountain spoke with the owner who said she would move the vehicle. It is unlawful in Vermont to park or stop a vehicle on a sidewalk.

10:04 a.m. Poor Farm Road: A caller reported a man either asleep or passed out in a car on Poor Farm Road. Sergeant LaFountain spoke with the driver who was simply waiting for someone.

12:52 p.m. Herrick Ave: Chief Laroche, Sergeant LaFountain, Corporal Coulombe and School Resource Officer Raymond assisted with a relocation drill at the Milton Elementary School.

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