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Maranda Turner

Local family-run business, Little “A” Wood Floors, has opened a showroom in Milton—ten years in the making. The flooring business’ new showroom is across the street from the original location on Route 7 in Milton, but according to Maranda Turner (daughter of owner Armand Turner Jr. and one of many in the family business), the new storefront has already made a huge difference.

“If you build it they will come,” she said laughing.

The new location took about one year to build and officially opened in the fall of last year. So far, Turner said she’s seen a larger number of walk-ins and more DIY’ers than before. The plan is to turn the original location into a pro shop location selling products geared towards contractors like sandpaper, staples, and urethane.

The new showroom has a distinct living room vibe, with warm lighting, hardwood floors, multicolored rugs and a shoe rack.

“When you’re trying to picture yourself in your new home, you should feel comfy,” said Turner. Part of the goal of the design was to replicate that cozy feeling.

“When I was growing up, kids teased me for living in Milton. Now everyone seems to be moving here and buying their first homes, raising their kids here,” she said. Turner hopes that their business and new showroom act as a “stepping stone” to help Milton transform into a “destination town,” she said—not just a rest stop along Route 7.

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