The hot topic of this past week was Paid Family Leave. The Governor had vetoed the bill and it was again take up in the House with hopes of overriding his veto. After much discussion and debate it was voted on again. The two thirds majority needed was not attained and the bill did not become law. Although I did not support the bill, the concept of paid family leave is a good one and I am in hopes that someday we can form a bill that everyone can agree on.

In my Committee (Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife), we are still working on the rewrite of Vermont’s Land Use and Development Act (Act 250). The plan is to have it out of our Committee soon where it it can be discussed and debated by the full House.

As of this writing, the Governor has not taken action on the Minimum Wage bill that we sent to him.

As we all know, the weather was not very cooperative this past week. Although the Statehouse was just about empty this past Friday, I had to be there. It was a very slow commute and pretty much uphill both ways. There were many vehicles in the ditches along the way. The Police and Road Crews really did a great job, and I want to say Thank You.

Thank you for allowing me to represent you, and have a good week.

Leland Morgan

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