5 Uninspected vehicles

4 Driving with suspended license

4 Speeding

3 Uninsured drivers

2 Using portable electronic device

1 Burning solid waste

1 Counterfeit plates, stickers, etc.

1 Drinking while driving

1 Failure to obey officer

1 Misuse of number plates

1 Operating without proof of financial responsibility

1 Possessing tobacco under 18

1 Stop sign


4 Driving with criminally suspended license

2 Disorderly conduct

1 Domestic assault, 2nd degree aggravated

1 DUI, 1st offense

1 DUI, 2nd and subsequent

1 False information to police



1/24, 6:45 a.m., Accident – Property Damage, East Rd. at Marrs Hollow Rd.

Officer Jareco Coulombe responded to minor single-car motor vehicle crash with no injuries on East Road at the railroad trestle. Traveling too fast for conditions and icy road conditions were believed to be contributing factors.

1/24, 10:04 a.m., Suspicious, Herrick Ave.

There is no information in case.

1/24, 11:26 a.m., Drugs, Herrick Ave.

There is no information in case.

1/24, 7:08 p.m., Suspicious, Route 7

Officer Kendra Raymond responded to a report of a possible person on the roof of a business. The roof and surrounding area were checked, but no one was located.

1/25, 2:25 p.m., Juvenile Problem, Herrick Ave.

Officer Coulombe spoke with students and their parents about threatening comments being exchanged between the students. No criminal action was found.

1/25, 2:59 p.m., Disorderly Conduct, Route 7

Officer Richard Corbin responded to a report of multiple people yelling at each other and physically fighting. As a result of his investigation, two individuals were cited to appear in Chittenden Superior Court – Criminal Division. Meghan Brown, 31, and Catherine Limoge, 50, both of Milton, were issued citations to appear in court on February 27 for disorderly conduct.

1/25, 3:55 p.m., Public Assist, Rebecca Lander Dr.

Officer Corbin responded to Milton High School for a report of a female who had stolen a student’s art project. As a result of his investigation, he identified the female, recovered the project and issued the female a trespass notice for school property.

1/25, 4:02 p.m., Public Assist, Woodcrest Circ.

Officer Coulombe was requested to stand by while paperwork was served on a woman to avoid any confrontation between the parties. The paperwork was served without incident.

1/26, 7:54 p.m., Suspicious, Ira Pl.

Officer Ed Larente responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle. He was able to determine the owner through the registration plate provided and determined they were associated with a solar installation company doing estimates in the area.

1/26, 1:55 p.m., Burglary, West Milton Rd.

This case is still under active investigation.

1/26, 4:02 p.m., Motor Vehicle Complaint, Cherry St.

Cpl. Gordon LaFountain responded to a complaint of damage done to a vehicle parked in a driveway. The case is still under investigation.

1/26, 7:15 p.m., Threats/Harassment, Aurora Ln.

Cpl. LaFountain responded with a crisis counselor to speak with a subject who had made potentially threatening statements. No criminal action was taken.

1/26, 10:49 p.m., DUI, West Milton Rd.

Sgt. Paul Locke performed a traffic stop for erratic operation and motor vehicle violations. As a result of the stop, he subsequently arrested the operator, a 52-year-old Hinesburg man, for DUI. The man was issued a citation to appear in Chittenden Superior Court – Criminal Division on February 15.

1/27, 11:51 a.m., Domestic Assault – Felony, Turner Ave.

Officer Larente investigated a late reported domestic assault. As a result of his investigation, Brian Mongeon, 36, of Milton, was issued a flash-citation to appear in Chittenden Superior Court – Criminal Division on January 30 for second-degree aggravated domestic assault.

1/27, 4:17 p.m., DUI, McMullen Rd. at Hummingbird Ln.

Officer Larente stopped a vehicle for equipment violations as well as erratic operation. As a result of the stop, he arrested the operator, 60-year-old Gregory Nolin of Milton, for DUI-second or subsequent offense. He was issued a citation to appear in Chittenden Superior Court – Criminal Division on February 15.

1/28, 3:18 a.m., Domestic Disturbance, Main St.

Officer Charles Brown responded to a domestic disturbance. The case is still under investigation. No charges have been filed at this time.

1/28, 1:27 p.m., Suspicious, Route 7

Officer Larente responded to a store for a complaint from a concerned citizen who observed a juvenile girl in the store alone. Larente determined the child was old enough to be unsupervised and also spoke with their parent who was aware of her whereabouts.

1/28, 10:07 p.m., Threats/Harassment, Railroad St.

Officer Brown spoke with a citizen about online harassment from her ex-boyfriend. She advised her ex has access to her Facebook account and is harassing her. Brown spoke with the ex-boyfriend about returning control of her Facebook page and spoke with the citizen about obtaining at restraining order if the activity continued.

1/29, 10:28 a.m., Public Assist, Boysenberry Dr.

Officer Corbin spoke with a woman about a former tenant not returning a key to an apartment. Corbin advised them it was a civil matter and advised her to ask the landlord to change the locks.

1/29, 2:17 p.m., Embezzlement, Route 7

There is no information in the case.

1/29, 7:23 p.m., Suspicious, Hardscrabble Rd.

Officer Raymond responded to a complaint of a suspicious vehicle parked at the end of the street. Upon her arrival, the vehicle was no longer there. No description of the vehicle was provided.

1/30, 8:36 a.m., Public Assist, Route 7

Officer Coulombe assisted a local vehicle repair shop with locating the owner of a vehicle, which had not been picked up for several months after repairs were completed.

1/30, 10:03 a.m., Drugs, West Milton Rd.

Officer Corbin recovered several used hypodermic needles, which were discarded on the side of the roadway. He disposed of them in a SHARPS container.

1/30, 2:38 p.m., DUI, Shirley Ave.

Officer Corbin stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation and subsequently arrested the operator, 33-year-old Andrew Stokes of Milton, for DUI-drugs, providing false information to a police officer, driving with a suspended license and having an outstanding arrest warrant. Stokes was subsequently transported to the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility and was also issued a citation to appear in Chittenden Superior Court – Criminal Division on March 6.

1/30, 3:50 p.m., Motor Vehicle Complaint, Winter Ln.

Officer Coulombe responded to a late-reported minor motor vehicle crash. The operator suspected the damage happened some time in the last day while shopping at several businesses. The damage was documented for insurance purposes.

1/30, 4:54 p.m., Domestic Disturbance, Green St.

Officer Coulombe responded to a report of a verbal argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend. He determined there was no physical assault, and no crime was committed. He spoke with the complainant about services available.

1/30, 6:15 p.m., Noise, Cooper Rd.

Officer Coulombe responded to a report of gunshots in the area. He checked the area and did not hear any gunshots and could not locate the source of the initial shots.

1/30, 9:58 p.m., Threats/Harassment, Route 7

Cpl. Jason Porter responded to a threatening complaint between neighbors. He spoke with both parties and mediated a conversation between them to settle the dispute.