23 Speeding
4 Using portable electronic device
3 Driving with suspended license
4 Uninsured drivers
2 Inspection sticker not assigned to vehicle
3 Misuse of number plates
2 Operating without license
2 Texting while driving
1 Condition of vehicle
1 Counterfeit plates, stickers, etc.
1 Failing to drive to the right
1 Open container of marijuana
1 Restrictions: Prohibited lights
1 Stop sign
1 Uninspected vehicle
1 Unreasonable/imprudent speed for conditions/hazards

6 Driving with criminally suspended license
2 DUI 1st offense
1 Domestic assault
1 Excessive speed
1 False information to police
1 Leaving accident scene
1 Negligent operation
1 Possession of drugs
1 Violation of release conditions


12/12, 6:39 a.m., Animal Problem, East Rd. at McMullen Rd.
Officer Brown responded to the report of cows in the roadway. He was able to locate the owner and assisted wrangling the cows back into the pasture.

12/13, 8:09 a.m., Juvenile Problem, Hobbs Rd.
Cpl. Coulombe responded to an out of control juvenile. On arrival he was able to calm the juvenile down and the juvenile agreed to go to the UVM Medical Center. 

12/14, 4:15 p.m., Suspicious, McMullen Rd.
Cpl. Grenier responded to a possible burglary in progress; a resident in the house stated they heard someone in the garage and someone walking around the house. Upon the arrival of officers there was no indication a burglary took place. There were no fresh footprints in the snow and the entry points were secure.

12/15, 2:24 p.m., Public Assist, Bombardier Rd.
Ofc. Larente spoke with two parties about the ownership of an iPhone. Ofc. Larente attempted to facilitate an agreement between the parties but an agreement was not reached. He explained the matter was civil in nature and he could no longer assist. 

12/16, 11:51 a.m., Stalking, Woodcrest Circ.
Ofc. Larente spoke with a party who wanted to know what the resources were available if they suspected a known person was stalking them. Officer Larente explained the restraining order process to the caller. 

12/16, 11:57 a.m., DUI, Route 7
Ofc. McQueen responded to the report of an erratic vehicle on Route 7 that was northbound. The vehicle entered Georgia, drove through a development, and then back into Milton. Officer McQueen was able to locate the vehicle and conducted a motor vehicle stop. As a result of his investigation, a 53-year-old Georgia woman was arrested for driving under the influence. She was issued a citation to appear at the Chittenden County Superior Court at a later date.

12/17, 11:50 a.m., Drugs, Bombardier Rd.
Ofc. Noel stopped a 35-year-old Milton man for an observed motor vehicle violation. Officer Noel placed the man under arrest for operating a motor vehicle with a criminally suspended license. Officer Noel located buprenorphine which was not prescribed to the man. He was issued a citation to appear at the Chittenden County Superior Court at a later date.

12/17, 9:26 p.m., Missing Person, Boysenberry Dr.
Officer Corbin took the report of a missing juvenile. Multiple attempts were made to locate the juvenile in the evening with no success. The juvenile returned home in the morning to prepare for school and refused to tell his parents where he was the night before. The Vt. Department of Child and Families as well as the Milton High School facilitated with resources for the juvenile and their family.

12/18, 10:03 a.m., K9 Assist, Mechanic St.
Cpl. Porter and K9 Hatchi conducted a drug sweep of Fair Haven Union High School during a lock down drill as part of its required in service training.

12/18, 3:02 p.m., Traffic Hazard, Middle Rd. at Cobble Hill Rd.
Sgt. Locke responded to a dead turkey in the roadway. Upon his arrival someone had already moved it to the side of the roadway.

12/18, 6:04 p.m., Motor Vehicle Complaint, Route 2
Ofc. Noel was dispatched to an erratic operator on Route 2. While he was en route the caller advised they had now gotten onto the interstate southbound. The call was rerouted to VSP Williston.

12/19, 7:20 a.m., Juvenile Problem, Boysenberry Dr.
Ofc. Larente spoke with a parent who was having difficulty with getting their child to school.  He gave advice on how to encourage the student to go to school with her.

12/20, 2:31 p.m., Suspicious, Herrick Ave.
SRO Ofc. Raymond was contacted about a possible violation of a Relief from Abuse Order Violation.  She was advised a vehicle was seen in the area which was possibly owned by a subject who is not supposed to have contact with a child at the school.  She searched the area, but did not find any vehicles belonging to the subject.

12/21, 4:27 p.m., Domestic Disturbance, Cherry St.
Cpl. Porter responded to a domestic disturbance between a male and female.  As a result of his investigation, he was unable to determine if an assault had occurred and no arrest was made.  The parties involved were spoken with about options and resources available to them.

12/21, 6:20 p.m., Noise, Hummingbird Ln.
Cpl. Coulombe responded to a noise complaint of loud music.  He determined the noise was from a television which was set at a reasonable level.  No further action was taken.

12/22, 10:21 p.m., Threats/Harassment, Railroad St.
Cpl. Porter spoke with a parent about his child who was receiving unwanted text messages from another juvenile. Cpl. Porter spoke with him about ways to prevent receiving further messages and also advised the incident would be documented.

12/23, 9:01 p.m., Intoxication, Racine Rd.
Ofc. Raymond responded to a domestic dispute between a male and female where the female was alleged to be wielding a shovel.  Upon arriving, the parties were already separated and were uncooperative with the officers, refusing to provide details of what had happened.  No one reported being injured.  The parties agreed to separate for the evening as the female was intoxicated.

12/24, 12:39 p.m., Public Assist, Bombardier Rd.
Ofc. Noel spoke with a complainant who had questions about a possible violation of an abuse prevention order.  After speaking with all the parties involved, it was determined there was no violation.

12/24, 10:22 p.m., Domestic Assault, Pinewood Ln.
Ofc. Raymond responded to a domestic dispute between a male and female who had both been drinking.  As a result of the investigation, 33 year old Timothy Redfield of Milton was arrested for Domestic Assault.  Redfield was lodged at the Chittenden Regional Correctonal Center for the charge.  He was arraigned two days later.

12/25, 2:45 p.m., Accident – Leaving Scene, River St. at Barnum St.
Ofc. Noel responded to a minor motor vehicle crash in which one vehicle was alleged to have left the scene.  The crash actually involved only the juvenile complainant’s vehicle, which struck a street light.  The juvenile complainant was issued a citation for leaving the scene of an accident, false information to police and negligent operation.  The juvenile will appear in court at a later date.

9582, 12/25, 11:43 p.m., Noise, Red Clover Way
Ofc. Brown responded to a report of a loud bang and flash in the area.  He was unable to locate the source of the sound.

9583, 12/25, 11:51 p.m., Suspicious, Middle Rd.
Ofc. Bosworth responded to an anonymous report of loud yelling in the area.  He was unable to locate anyone yelling or in distress.

These reports reflect information logged by Milton police at press time. Check out MPD on Facebook for more news at facebook.com/MiltonVTPolice.