15 Speeding
2 Uninspected vehicles
1 Counterfeit plates, stickers, etc.
1 Display as own license not issued
1 Limitations on passing
1 Operating without proof of financial responsibility
1 Signals required
1 Tail lights
1 Uninsured driver

1 DUI, 2nd and subsequent


8/1, 8:26 a.m., Fraud, Bombardier Rd.
Detective Nick Hendry spoke with a resident about a reported phone scam.

8/1, 1:57 p.m., Animal Problem, River St.
Officer Kendra Raymond investigated a late-reported dog bite incident. She filed a report with the health officer.

8/1, 4:29 p.m., Larceny, Railroad St.
Officer Sam Noel is investigating a report of a stolen generator.

8/1, 5:48 p.m., Suspicious, Route 7 at Lake Rd.
Officer Noel responded to a report of a small child riding a bicycle with no one else around. The caller thought the child was too young to be alone. He checked the area but did not locate a child riding a bicycle.

8/2, 12:39 p.m., Disorderly Conduct, Haydenberry Dr.
Officer William Bosworth responded to a disturbance involving several juveniles. The case is still under investigation.

8/2, 1:11 p.m., Stalking, Bombardier Rd.
Officer Bosworth responded to a domestic disturbance. The parties were separated upon his arrival, and the case is still being investigated.

8/2, 2:40 p.m., Vandalism, Bombardier Rd.
Officer Bosworth is investigating the theft and possible vandalism of a longboard.

8/3, 1:09 a.m., Citizen Dispute, Route 7
Officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, the parties were separated, and it was determined no assault had occurred. One party agreed to sleep in a vehicle to prevent further issues.

8/3, 11:52 a.m., Vandalism, Bombardier Rd.
This report was not complete by press time.

8/3, 7:03 p.m., Public Assist, Eagle Mtn. Harbor Rd.
Officer Richard Corbin spoke with a complainant who had questions regarding a civil court process. He answered the questions he could and suggested the complainant speak with an attorney.

8/3, 11:29 p.m., DUI, Middle Rd. at Russell Circ.
Officer Jareco Coulombe stopped a vehicle for a speeding violation. He determined the operator was under the influence of alcohol. The operator, a 23-year-old male, was arrested and processed for DUI. He will appear in court on August 23.

8/4, 10:52 a.m., Suspicious, Bartlett Rd.
Officer Noi Jones responded to a report of gunshots near a complainant’s residence. Officers located three people shooting on private property and determined they did not have permission to be on the property. They advised they were done shooting and left the area.

8/4, 2:15 p.m., Larceny, James Dr.
Cpl. Jason Porter is investigating a report of a stolen tent and clothing.

8/4, 9:58 p.m., Motor Vehicle Complaint, Beach Rd.
Officers received a report of a possible intoxicated driver. While checking the area they were dispatched to an assault.

8/4, 11:28 p.m., Disturbance, Route 7
Officers responded to a report of a woman trespassing and being disorderly. They located the woman, determined she was incapacitated due to alcohol and transported her to corrections for detox after a detox facility refused to accept her due to her behavior.

8/5, 7:06 a.m., Animal Problem, Hidden Meadows
Animal control officers investigated a barking dog complaint.

8/5, 8:35 a.m., Public Assist, Route 7
Officer Jones received a report of a man who was hitchhiking. He determined no law was being broken and no further action was taken.

8/5, 1:17 p.m., Public Assist, Main St.
Officer Raymond answered some questions regarding a harassment complaint.

8/5, 5:32 p.m., Motor Vehicle Complaint, East Rd.
Officer Jones responded to a report of two motorcycles operating erratically. No other descriptive information was provided, and he was not able to locate the motorcycles involved.

8/5, 8:18 p.m., Suspicious, Hobbs Rd.
Officer Corbin received a report of a scooter being operated in the area. He determined no law was being violated, and no further action was taken.

8/6, 11:14 a.m., Suspicious, Poor Farm Rd. at Lake Rd.
Officer Matthew McQueen received a complaint of two couches being left at the intersection. Upon checking the area, he observed there was a “Free” sign next to the couches. Both couches were gone a short time later.

8/6, 5:17 p.m., Assist Motorist, Route 7
Officer Noel took a late report of a parking lot crash. There were no reported injuries.

8/6, 10:02 p.m., Simple Assault, Railroad St.
Officer Noel responded to an assault. The case is still under investigation.

8/7, 9:22 a.m., Motor Vehicle Complaint, Route 7
Officer McQueen received a report of a speeding vehicle traveling south on Route 7. Colchester Police was notified as the vehicle was already in Colchester.

8/7, 1:05 p.m., Suspicious, Bombardier Rd.
Sgt. Scott Philbrook answered questions about a possible assault and provided information on the restraining order process.

8/7, 3:12 p.m., Arrest on Warrant, Haydenberry Dr.
Officer Noel located and arrested a man who had an active arrest warrant. The man was brought to corrections to await a court date.

8/7, 7:55 p.m., Public Assist, Bombardier Rd.
Officer Noel answered questions in reference to a family dispute.


These reports reflect information logged by Milton police at press time. Check out MPD on Facebook for more news at facebook.com/MiltonVTPolice.