A Milton man pleaded not guilty Monday to accusations he sexually assaulted a woman while she was asleep.

Logan Leggett, 22, was arraigned December 17 at the Franklin County Superior Court – Criminal Division in St. Albans on a charge of sexual assault without consent.

The alleged victim told a detective from the Northwest Unit for Special Investigations that she and Leggett attended a party in St. Albans on December 8, court records show. The woman went to sleep alone but woke up to find her pants around her knees and Leggett in the same bed, a police affidavit says.

Court records show investigators asked the victim several times whether she and Leggett discussed any plans to sleep together. “Absolutely not,” she said, explaining Leggett knew she was in a committed relationship. She added nothing indicated Leggett was interested in her.

The alleged victim told police she confronted Leggett later that morning, but Leggett didn’t respond and instead put his head in his lap, court records show.

Leggett messaged the woman on Facebook after he left. In those messages, which are included in court filings, Leggett says he didn’t have sex with the woman but did initiate a sex act with his hand. When she tells him that’s still sexual assault, he says he knows, the filings show.

“I’m gonna puke,” he wrote to her. “I’m so distrusted [sic] with myself right now.” He tells the woman he assaulted her because he was “drunk and stupid and wrong and lonely and sad,” court records show.

Speaking with police several days later, Leggett confirmed he’d been drinking at the party. He told police he went to check on the woman and passed out in the same bed. He said he didn’t remember anything else, but when pressed, Leggett confirmed something else did happen. An affidavit by NUSI Detective Michael Mattuchio describes Leggett as “very silent” when asked for details.

“His eyes began to water up and his lip [quivered],” Mattuchio wrote.

The interview ended shortly after when Leggett asked if he could speak with an attorney. Police cited him into criminal court the following day.

Leggett’s felony charge carries a minimum punishment of three years in prison and a maximum of life. If convicted, he could also be fined up to $25,000.