The search continues for the next athletic director of Milton Town School District.

At the July 9 school board meeting, members updated the community with its plans to reassemble the search committee, review applications and conduct interviews this week.

“We’re hoping to have somebody by August 1,” said Amy Rex, the district’s new superintendent, who started July 2.

Rex said the search committee met as planned last Thursday and looked through a set of questions to decide which to ask applicants. Each committee member was given access to the resumes, cover letters and letters of recommendation for each of the job-seekers.

More than 20 candidates applied for the position, according to Rex. The committee will narrow these to six finalists this week, conduct interviews by July 19 and submit one or two recommendations to the school board afterward.

“With these things in the summertime, there’s also snags,” Rex said, citing possible difficulties in communication with candidates away from their email and phones.

Trevor Wagar, the interim athletic director, was on the search committee helping evaluate prospective ADs and offer insight into the position. He said he will have a day or two of overlap with the new AD to discuss the position and help the new employee prepare for the job.

The Milton physical education teacher and coach did not apply for the full-time AD position.

“I talked about it with my wife a bit … and just decided it was not the right time for our family for me to do that,” Wagar said. “I’m interested in it. I’m more interested in about 10 to 15 years, probably.”

In the time before the new AD’s arrival, Wagar has been at work making preparations for the coming seasons. He has met with all of the coaches and discussed their needs for the coming year.

“There’s a tendency where there’s kind of no money left for spring sports … so I wanted to make sure that everyone had everything they needed from the spring backwards through the fall,” he said.

Wagar has also managed athletics’ finances and completed “hands on” work such as moving track and field equipment during the off-season. He said there’s a surprising amount of work that occurs over the summer.

“There still are a lot of emails that roll in that are either coaches or other athletic directors for scheduling and stuff like that,” he said. “It might not sound like a lot but definitely still takes up … a good half-day, every day.”

While the Vermont Principals Association and ADs have scheduled fall and winter sports, Milton’s new AD will have to prepare for the Aug. 13 high school fall sports meeting with parents. Wagar said he’ll prep his replacement on the new handbook and recommend a few changes.

The new AD’s duties will commence with meeting coaches, administrators, the superintendent and principals. The newcomer will have to make sure registration and insurance is complete before the fall season begins, according to Wagar.

As Wagar steps down from his interim duties, he said the experience was positive.

“I want to thank the community, the parents, the coaches, the teachers, the administrators and everyone who has made my job easier and made this experience a very good experience for me,” Wagar said. “Most of all I want to thank my wife.”