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The 2018 Legislative session came to a conclusion on early Saturday morning. The last few weeks have been very busy. I generally don’t mind the commute back and forth to the Statehouse, but I have to confess these last few weeks have been challenging. I am happy that the session has finished and I can now return to a more normal work schedule.

It is really hard to keep track of all the bills in the final days of a session. Numerous important bills passed the legislature this week and will be moving to the governor’s desk for his signature. The governor has said that he will veto a number of bills that raise taxes and fees. Since the legislative leadership did not adjourn to a date specific for a veto session, the governor will be required to call for a special session to pass a budget and tax bill. This is unfortunate and would have been unnecessary if the leadership and governor would each have been willing to compromise. I offered a compromise bill to both, but unfortunately neither would compromise. I’m very disappointed that we find our state in this position.

I was pleased to have Selectboard Clerk John Palasik spend the day with me at the Statehouse on Friday. John had never had an opportunity to visit the Statehouse before and was in aw of this working museum. It was a long busy day for us, but John said he enjoyed the experience.

I will submit a summary of the session next week. It has been an honor to represent you again this biennium . Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns. I can be reached by cell at 373-5960 or my email address is dturner@leg.state.vt.us. Thank you and have a great week!



Chris Mattos

Chris Mattos

The 2018 legislative session has come to a close. We wrapped up just after midnight on Sunday. The budget and tax bills both passed, but will likely be vetoed by the governor. With these vetoes, we will have to return to the State House for a special or veto session at a date to be determined. The governor has also hinted at vetoing the $15/hour minimum wage and paid family leave bills that we also have to vote on to sustain or override a governor’s veto.

I would like to thank everyone who reached out to me during the session with their comments, concerns and opinions on various issues. I appreciate and value the input I received and made it a point to respond to everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to write or call me.

I would also like to thank my district mate, Don Turner, for the countless hours of conversations to and from the State House regarding the issues we faced, the legislative process and tips and tricks of the trade. To me, those conversations were invaluable to navigating the session.

I have met a lot of great people and created a lot of friendships over the past five months. It has been an honor representing the Town of Milton and I hope to continue to in the future. I will be running for election to retain my seat in the Vermont Legislature for the next term. I look forward to meeting many more members of the community in the coming months and hope to have your support in November.

If you have any concerns, questions or comments I would be happy to listen. Feel free to reach me by email at CMattos@leg.state.vt.us or by cell at 922-2059.