We have been very busy around the town offices this month. The nice weather has allowed us to get stuff done both in and outside the town offices.

The public works department has done an excellent job on a number of projects all around town. To date, all excavating work at the new field house and park/ride projects in the park have been done by our PW employees. They have also been performing annual maintenance on the winter operations equipment and vehicles, conducting a road erosion inventory, mitigating storm water compliance issues such as cleaning catch basins, ditching on Reynolds, Duffy and North roads and grading Eagle Mountain Harbor and Beebe Hill roads. They washed and inspected the Bear Trap Road bridge, began mowing roadsides with our new mower and have been preparing the highway garage for certification as an approved Vermont inspection station. This will allow Corey, our mechanic, to inspect most town vehicles and likely save taxpayer dollars in the future. This is just a short sample of the projects completed to date and the list of future projects keeps growing every day.

The water and wastewater division faced a series of challenges recently in the Hobbs, Woodcrest Circle and Beaver Brook roads area. After several days of low and fluctuating water pressure, it was determined that a malfunctioning valve was responsible. The underlying issue is that the water system serving those neighborhoods was never designed to be connected to a high pressure municipal system. It is an antiquated and undersized system constructed with materials not designed for high pressure. We are hosting a meeting open to everyone in that neighborhood to discuss the recent issue and how we move forward to replace/upgrade the system in the future on Tuesday, June 19 at 6 p.m. in the community room at the municipal building.

We have made a number of investments in our municipal complex in the last several weeks. We repaired the roof which had a significant leak and paved the entire complex including the newly designated commuter bus route. The bus will now go down Park Place, loop around and go back out to Bombardier Road. The old route had the bus looping behind the municipal building. New lighting and relocation of the bus shelter will take place in the coming weeks. The dog park project continues to move forth as the site trees were cleared and the selective logging is nearly complete. The field house project is progressing nicely and is on target for completion in mid-July. The goal is to have all of these projects completed as soon as possible. I feel that it is very important to maintain your/taxpayer’s property. I remain committed to investing in the municipal complex to extend the useful life of these valuable properties.

I’m happy to report that our planning and economic development office has issued approval/permits for two new commercial projects in Milton. Mansfield Heliflight will be adding an addition 20,000 square feet to its existing building, and R.R. Charlebois has received approval to build a 23,430 square foot stand-alone building to its complex at the entrance to our community.      

Finally, I want to wish Marie Bartlett our well wishes as she retired from her role with the town treasurer’s office on Wednesday, June 13. Marie did an excellent job greeting residents with a smile for the town and will surely be missed.

Please feel free to contact me at the town manager’s office 893-6655 or email dturner@town.milton.vt.us, and I will be happy to assist you.