Another busy month around the town offices. The ongoing nice weather has allowed us to continue getting stuff done both in and outside the town offices.

On July 1, the town officially took possession of the Grange property. The very next day Meals on Wheels began operating out of that site. I established a working group that will propose a facility use process and related fees for using the Grange going forward. The goal is to make the facility accessible to all at a reasonable rate while covering all Town costs associated with the property.

The public works department has been busy all around town. A lot of effort has been directed to conducting a road erosion inventory, mitigating storm water compliance issues and cleaning catch basins on Railroad and Main streets and Sunset Avenue. This involved ditching along the railroad tracks to insure that water could get out of the collection system and not erode the railroad tracks. Beebe Hill Road has been upgraded with new gravel and graded using our new grader which arrived in late June. Ditching projects using our new excavator which also arrived in late June is also occurring in many areas.

The highway garage is now an officially licensed state inspection facility. This will allow Corey, our mechanic, to inspect most town vehicles and likely save taxpayer dollars in the future. He has also begun working on other department vehicles. Repairs such as replacing an axle gasket on a fire truck last week. Buildings and grounds staff commented on how nice it is to have their equipment regularly serviced so it works when they need it. I am now working with finance director Jessica Morris on a software program to track expenditures between departments. We don’t want the highway department bearing the full cost burden for doing this work. This is just a short sample of the projects completed to date and the list of much needed future projects keeps growing every day.

On Tuesday, June 19, we hosted a meeting open to everyone in the Hobbs Road, Woodcrest Circle and Beaver Brook Road area to discuss the recent water issues. The meeting was well attended and the dialogue was very positive. We formed a committee charged with how to move forward with replacing/upgrading the system in the future. As a result of that and a subsequent meeting of the committee the selectboard authorized public works director Dave Allerton to move forward with a planning grant.

We have a newly designated commuter bus route at the municipal building. The bus will now go down Park Place, loop around and go back out to Bombardier Road. The old route had the bus looping behind the municipal building. New lighting and relocation of the bus shelter is now in place. I feel that it is very important to maintain your/taxpayer’s property and remain committed to investing in the municipal complex to extend the useful life of these valuable properties.

Doris Trainque was hired to fill a position in the town treasurer’s office formerly held by Marie Bartlett. Doris started in late June and has done a great job.

Please feel free to contact me at the town manager’s office 893-6655 or email, and I will be happy to assist you.