Milton town manager

This is the first manager’s update since October’s windstorm caused severe damage and dangerous conditions throughout Milton. Starting overnight, the Fire, rescue, police and public works departments worked around the clock to open roads to public safety vehicles and help utilities crews restore power. By the end of the storm, more than 4,500 residents lost power for more than four days. I want to thank the volunteers and staff who worked hard to implement our emergency operations plan and ensure a Red Cross shelter was opened in Milton. We are very thankful no one in Milton was seriously injured as a result of this storm. Our goal is always to protect life and preserve property.

The aftermath of the storm continues to effect many residents and has caused severe damage to hiking trails across town. Conditions remain very dangerous in the forest. We prefer that you not use them until we have had an opportunity to thoroughly assess each trail. Jim Lambert, a frequent user of the trails, recently volunteered his time and equipment to open the Blue trail in the recreation park. If, at your own risk, you choose to use a town trail, please be careful and know that we will do our very best to get the rest of the trails open as soon as possible. Most town trails are maintained by the Conservation Commission members and a few volunteers. We are working to organize a community workday and would welcome your help in clearing and opening the recreation park trails. Additional information will be provided, but an early December volunteer day is anticipated.

On November 14, voters overwhelmingly approved additional borrowing in the tax increment financing town core district. This money will help reconstruct the Route 7-Railroad-Middle Road intersection, build a new crossing near SNAP Fitness and provide funding for streetscape improvements throughout the town core. These projects are vital to the town core and will create an attractive, efficient and safe throughway for residents and those who shop or do business in Milton. As the project vision comes together, we will be sure to share updates on the meaningful changes headed our way.

Finally, multiple major road projects have recently been completed, including a culvert replacement on Quarry Lane and a reconstruction of Everest Road. In addition, paving operations have ceased for the year with more than seven miles of retreatment complete. Preparations for winter operations have begun as the temperatures drop and the department gets ready for the plow season. The public works members have had a very busy summer, and I am very appreciative of their work to improve our community.

Feel free to contact me or my assistant Judy Ward at 893-6655 or by email