John Lindsay, a nearly lifelong Milton resident, was named the 2018 Community Champion at this month’s National Night Out event, the fourth Miltonian to be bestowed the honor.

“Usually there’s one person who comes right out on top,” said Jennifer Taylor, one of the Community Champion Award Committee’s three members. “That’s exactly what happened with John Lindsay this year.”

According to Taylor, Lindsay “wears many hats” around town – a fitting description as he is rarely spotted at events without his signature “volunteer hat” proudly perched on his head.

Lindsay serves on the Milton Planning Commission and chairs the town’s recreation commission. He was previously technical director for Milton High School’s drama department for 20 years, volunteered on the town’s 250th birthday committee and helps out at countless town events.

“The list is endless,” recreation director Kym Duchesneau said of Lindsay’s involvement. She has worked with him on recreation programming, among other projects.

“At all of the rec commission meetings, he’s got such great ideas and insight since he has that longevity,” Duchesneau said. “He knows what’s gone on in the past and can look to the future.”

Lindsay’s family moved to Milton when he was 2 years old, and they’ve lived here ever since.

“Milton has been a great place to grow up,” he said. “Playing sports and the schools and everything did both my brothers and I, and my sister, really well.”

He said watching his father’s involvement on the town’s planning commission and his mother’s work helping others as a nurse inspired him to give back to his community.

Some highlights of Lindsay’s work around town have been helping diversify the recreation department’s program offerings, taking part in the recent update to the town’s zoning rules and helping with theater productions, he said. He’s most proud of his work chairing the Milton 250 Committee.

“It’s quite an achievement for a town to really thrive for 250 years,” he said. “I was happy to help our town celebrate.”

Since 2014, the Community Champion Award has been presented annually to a Milton resident who has dedicated “a significant amount of time” to projects around town, Taylor said. The selectboard-appointed committee accepts nominations throughout the year with a deadline around June 15.

Committee members Taylor, Terry Melton and Rich Castine review the applications and come together with their top three picks to name a recipient.

“Acknowledging our volunteers is really important,” Taylor said. “They often go unnoticed … I think it’s important for us to acknowledge them in that way.”

Lindsay said he is glad to help contribute to the growth of the community and to its spirit.

“The more people know each other in the town and the more people help out or even be supportive by coming out to events – I think that makes the town even better,” he said.

The Community Champion Award Committee is currently accepting nominations for its 2019 award. Nominations may be sent to the town of Milton or online on the town’s website through the “award” tab; senders will be notified of their receipt, according to Taylor.