Week of August 3

“All Lives Matter” is problematic

I am writing in response to the recent article “Discord defines school board meeting” [7/29]. I was surprised to read that a Milton School Board member invoked the phrase “all lives matter” at a meeting about cultural competency and wanted to share how I have come to understand the Black Lives Matter movement and why the use of All Lives Matter is inappropriate.

Admittedly, at first glance, the phrase sounds inclusive and benign. The problem when this phrase is invoked in response to “black lives matter” is that it it is dismissive of the very important issues the movement seeks to draw attention to, such as the disproportionate number of black people killed by police officers, especially in situations where people of other races would be treated very differently. When someone says “save the rainforest,” do you say, “what about the rest of nature?” When someone does a “cure MS” walk, do you say, “we need to cure all diseases?” There is an implicit “too” at the end of “black lives matter.” It asks us to care about lives that have historically not mattered as much as other lives and continue to be disproportionally affected by institutional, cultural and judicial practices in our country.

In response to Ms. LaFond’s question, “You want us to get educated? What’s that gonna do?” I would say that it is important for us to be informed citizens and even more important for someone elected to represent a community to understand its members.

Emily Grimes
former Milton teacher and Georgia resident

School supplies needed

Friends and neighbors,

It is that time of year again. The Milton Family Community Center in partnership with Cornerstone Community Church, New Life Church and the United Church of Milton is kicking off its annual school supply drive. This year, we have plenty of backpacks but are in need of supplies to fill them. We are particularly in need of three-ring binders, spiral notebooks, loose leaf paper, pens, pencils and highlighters.

Anyone interested in donating may drop items in the bin at Kinney Drugs or at MFCC, 23 Villemaire Ln., Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Applications for school supply assistance are available at MFCC, partnering churches and the Helping Hands Thrift Shop. The deadline for submitting applications is August 15.

Thank you for helping assist students in getting the best possible start to the school year. If you have any further questions, please Charlotte or Kelly at 893-1457.

Charlotte Parot
Family services manager, MFCC