Journalists fail to hold all accountable
Angelo Lynn’s OP-ED in the August 16, 2018 Milton Independent proves what President Trump has been saying. Let’s examine just the second paragraph.

Journalists are trying to overthrow the government under the command of the DNC. One only has to see how far Mueller and his comrades have gone from collusion to money laundering and everything in between in trying to bring down our elected president.

Trump lies thousands of times. Really? Where’s your proof? A real journalist would prove the lie not just believe what CNN or Bernie Sanders says.

Trumps tax cuts only benefit the wealthy. Guess I’m wealthy although I don’t feel wealthy. My pay check got a little larger but we still have to wait for April 15th to know for sure. Lying Bernie Sanders loves to talk about the top one percent. He fails to mention he’s one of them and so doesn’t the press. No press reports about Bernie lying.

Trump and the republicans are killing Obamacare. Yes they are and for very good reasons. The only benefit I got from it was paying for some other person’s insurance. That brings us back to lying Bernie. Free healthcare for all he loves to say. Sorry, nothing is free except his lip service. Not reported by the press.

Russian collusion. No proof yet. Mueller is trying hard though. He and the federal prosecutors aligned with him are getting people to lie about Trump when threatened with jail time for them and members of their families. Do any journalist report that fact? Of course not, it doesn’t fit their agenda of getting rid of OUR President.

Did this newspaper publish my letter of several months ago about fraud in the MTSD? No they did not. Did they even investigate the proof of fraud? To my knowledge they did not. Why? The simple answer is journalist only publish what benefits themselves and not anything that would look bad about anyone or thing on the political left.

Well, there’s a lot more to be said but unlike Mr. Lynn I’m limited to how many words I can write. No bias there!

Alan Hatch