Planning commission needs better priorities
This letter is in response to your article entitled “Milton is not a dump site” in your Oct. 25 edition. I was thrilled to read the Milton Planning Commission is taking an active role in the enforcement of zoning regulations. It’s well past the time when private landowners are allowed to use their property for their own purposes.

I don’t quite understand what dumping clean fill has to do with the zoning regulations enacted in 2017. Would not an already operating “community facility” be grandfathered under the old regs? If not, then has the PC looked at the town of Milton’s own “stump dump” behind CSWD’s transfer station? I bet they haven’t and probably won’t because government is exempt from zoning and Act 250? The general public is not allowed access to the town’s dumpsite so who knows what “they” have dumped there. This would be a good time to review the town’s own truck trip logbook for “our” dump.

A much larger problem than the Beaudoin’s facility exists in Milton and all branches of government who “care about the Milton public’s wellbeing” have done almost nothing about it. That problem is located at the end of Shirley Avenue. It is composed of an estimated 1 million plus tires that are a serious fire risk to much of Milton. If one drives down Birch Lane and looks behind the houses after the lane turns left (look right) you can see a small portion of the tire pile. They are very close to the houses.

Another hazard is the old Milton Co-op Creamery. There are several ways to enter the building on Railroad Street. Who knows what dangers our children would be exposed to in that building. This problem and the one mentioned above have been allowed to exist for years.

Please don’t despair folks because the Milton Planning Commission cares, and they will save us all from clean dirt!

Alan Hatch


Vermont can’t afford to lose the wealthy
It seems like every week I run into someone who has either taken up or is considering residency in another state. The ever increasing property education tax, consumer taxes/ fees coupled with the income tax on social security, military pensions, lack of employment opportunities and the unfriendly business environment seem to be driving people away. This seems especially hard on retirees, entrepreneurs, young families and those on fixed incomes.

Increasing the tax on the wealthy would only discourage them from staying or moving to Vermont. Here in Grand Isle/ West Milton, people moving here to live, retire or have a second home is just about the only way to keep the property tax broad based enough to make it reasonable for many of us to continue staying here. There seems to be no incentive in the legislature to reduce expenditures and if the wealthier leave the rest of us will have a crushing share of the burden.

With wealthier people not coming and more leaving we will lose not only their contribution in property tax but what we will get from their income tax, sales tax, meals tax, money spent on local goods and services (local employment), fuel taxes and fees. They also have been donating substantial amounts to our community organizations.

David Graham
Grand Isle


Thanks for trunk or treat
The Town of Milton Recreation Department would like to thank the attendees (estimated at well over 1,000) of the Trunk or Treat event that took place on Friday, Oct. 26 in Bombardier Park West! A very special thank you to co-sponsors, Milton PTA plus the amazing businesses, organizations and individuals who made this event possible with decorated “trunks”, donations, support and volunteer time.

Congratulations to Medusa’s Hair Salon for being awarded 2018 Best in Show for their decorated vehicle. Thanks again, and we look forward to next year!

Kym Duchesneau
Milton Recreation coordinator