Thank you to Rep. Donald Turner

Earlier this month, we had been in receipt of a long-anticipated response from the Vermont Department of Taxation to our 2017 Vermont State Tax Return (Filed via VDT on Feb. 14, 2018). Due to multiple fluctuating income sources and changes with in the 2017 tax year, estimation of taxes to be withheld had been difficult. Historically there would always be a minimal underpayment, which resulted in interest and penalties under $10. To our surprise the interest and penalties for 2017 were substantial. A call was placed to the VDT for further explanation. We were informed by a representative there were changes for 2017 with regards to underpayment of taxes, that the interest and payments were based on period from April 15 through the date the letter was generated. Even more disturbing, we were being held responsible for the period from February to June due to the lack of staff to process the VDT response.

With all that said, we decided to contact Rep. Donald Turner Jr., leaving him a voicemail on his work phone posted on the Vermont General Assembly website. To our surprise Mr. Turner returned our call in less than a half-hour. He listened attentively to our concern and requested that we send him an email with the details of our concerns. He then forwarded our email to Commissioner Kaj Samsom of the VDT. That same day, a Friday, Mr. Turner then shared via email, Commissioner Kaj Samsom’s response, in which it indicated to expect a call on Monday. That following Monday, a representative of Mr. Samsom did contact us. After some discussion we were able to achieve a favorable outcome as well as recommendations for handling taxes for 2018.

We wanted to express our gratitude to Rep. Donald Turner Jr. for his role in orchestrating a path to an expedited resolution to our tax dilemma. Here is a man who currently wears multiple hats in our state. Hats that range from state representative, Milton town manager, business man and family man, not to mention numerous committees and organizations. In addition, Mr. Turner now has a bid for lieutenant governor of the State of Vermont. Given our most recent experience we are convinced that he is the man for the job. His commitment to his constituents is commendable.

Donald and Sheila Beisiegel