Taking over youth football program is shortsighted

After reading about the funding woes of the Bronco’s football program, I can’t help but wonder what gender-equity position the school board is in with pressure to take over the program.

There is no mention of the Title IX implications here. If the football program is added to the middle schools, what is the equivalent opportunity for girls? And who is funding that? “Title IX protects students, faculty and staff in federally funded education programs.

Title IX applies to all elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.” (source: https://www.sadker.org/TitleIX.html)

Even if girls are invited to join the Bronco program, the longterm opportunities for them to continue in this sport are limited. It is senseless to fund a program that benefits only a small population. Football impacts mostly boys, and at a very high cost per pupil.

There are much safer alternatives for parents to consider when choosing after school activities.

Meredith Breiland