Tell the board how you feel
Last year, I advocated for the school district to purchase the property on Bradley Street primarily because I believed it was an opportunity to improve student safety and the parking situation at the Herrick Avenue building. The row of hedges along the property line limited visibility, which I felt prevented security of the perimeter, and the lack of parking and space for student drop-off and pick-up at the middle was always problematic, especially during large events. The talk now is to build a building or put a trailer on the Bradley Street property for administrative offices and deplete the capital reserve fund by providing more classrooms as a solution to relieve the overcrowded situation.

The overcrowded problem was artificially created when we brought the middle school over from the high school and have now chosen to provide in-house preschool. I recently suggested to the school board and superintendent to consider moving the eighth grade back to the high school, thereby relieving some of the pressure points. I offered numerous reasons supporting my proposal and was told the district would be looking for “best practice” solutions. Personally, spending a lot of money when you don’t have to would not be “best practice” in my household.

My understanding from the response I received is that moving the 8th grade back to the high school would disrupt the structure that is already in place. This “structure” was designed in the 19th Century and, I feel, is not in line with 21st century education and technology needs. In a recent article, the superintendent and the school board chair said the people of this community need to see that education today does not look like it did when we went to school, and I agree. With that in mind, I wonder why they are unwilling to see the structure of the building through the same lenses they want the community to now view the education system.

It is important for the Milton community to know that the decision about how our tax dollars will be used to address the overcrowding issue will be at the sole discretion of the School Board. There will not be a community vote to decide the best option for spending our money. You need to get informed now and share your opinions now. You can’t wait for March 4th because the decision will already be made. Contact the school board and share your thoughts now, before it’s too late.

Cathy Vadnais


MFCC holiday assistance a success
The MFCC 2018 Holiday Assistance program was a success. We were able to serve 120 families this year. This would not have been possible without the efforts of the entire Milton community. Whether it was by purchasing a Hannaford Helps meal box or food gift card, collecting or packing toys at the storage location, adopting and shopping for the needs of a local family or making a monetary donation to help us fill in gaps it is due to your contributions and efforts that these 120 families were able to enjoy the holiday season. Thank you Milton!

We would like to recognize the following groups for their assistance with this project: Marine Corps League Toys for Kids, Salvation Army of Greater Burlington, NG Advantage, Milton Police Department, Milton Fire and Rescue, Ladies of St. Ann, Daughters of Isabella, Upper Room Bible Study, UVM Medical Center, PALS Day Care, William Sawyer Properties and countless other individuals and volunteers who stepped up to help their neighbors during the holiday season. On behalf of the Milton Family Community Center and the community recipients I express sincere gratitude.

Charlotte Parot
MFCC Family Services Manager