It continues to amaze me how our elected and appointed officials are completely tone deaf when it comes to the needs of its citizens. The latest testimony to this is the Milton school budget that was passed on its second attempt. It is just one of hundreds of taxes fostered on all of us but serves as a perfect example. The case was amply made by the school board for its need for additional money to appropriately finance the education of our children. It was carefully pointed out how diligently they looked in every nook and cranny to eliminate unnecessary spending. But in the end, they found they could not part with any less than an additional 5.4 percent [over last year’s budget.] In their example of a typical increase they show that it would only mean an additional $6.67 monthly increase to their “typical” taxpayer. A small sum, indeed.

Until you pile this increase on top of all the increases of the past by this school budget and then added to all the other taxes and fees levied upon us. Then you see the insidious ever-increasing size of government. Nowhere can I find an effort by the school to determine if there is any money left in the community to give more in taxes. I have not seen a poll or survey to determine this community’s ability to support a school system that wants to spend $25 million dollars next year. We all have other important obligations for our money besides funding a school. Consider that at the time a student graduates from high school the parent is now faced with the high cost of college yet continues to pay for a school. This cost goes on until the day the taxpayer dies. The time is here and the time is now to stand up and say no more. Enough is enough.

Richard F. Lorenz and Lynn Wood