I wanted to write a letter to thank every person in the state of Vermont and well beyond for all of their support, contributions, generosity, love and prayers throughout the past couple of weeks. My husband and I lost our 18-month-old little boy on May 1, 2013 from a tragic car accident at our home in Georgia, Vt.

There simply are no words to express how truly blessed we feel and how grateful we truly are for all that these amazing people have done for our family. The support goes beyond our family, and I want everyone to know that in memory of our son Dawson, hundreds of children will now have their own John Deere tractors to play with this year as a result of all of the hundreds of donations the Rich Funeral Home received.

Dawson will live on; he is around us, and his memory will live on through the simplest things, such as every time a child pushes the button on their John Deere toy and begins to play. It is truly so warming to know how many wonderful people exist in this world, how many people we can truly call not only our friends but our family.

To everyone who has supported [us], please know that someday, somehow, we will pay this forward. We truly thank you all from the bottom of our hearts with all that we have for helping us celebrate the life of our beautiful baby boy and for helping us ensure that the memory of our precious Dawson lives on forever. You are all forever in our hearts.

Yours truly,
Eric and Amber Mosher