As many in the community know, our family home burned to the ground on Wednesday night, April 9.  The fire was attended by the men and women of the fire companies of South Hero, North Hero, Grand Isle and Milton, in addition to the South Hero and Grand Isle rescues and Red Cross volunteers. Despite the fact that the house was fully engulfed by the time the squads arrived, they fought it valiantly and stayed through the night to ensure the fire was under control. Chief Kim Julow of South Hero stayed through until midday Thursday to ensure the scene was secure. We are truly thankful for the generosity of these volunteers in giving of their time and energies to their duties along with supporting us in our coping with the loss of the family home. The island communities are truly blessed to have such selfless and dedicated volunteers. Wally and Shirley Niebling built their retirement home in 1979 and were proud members of the community they called home.


The ‘Hambaloney Acres’ family: Ann Laughlin, Mary Niebling, Sally Krebs and kids (Bartle, Mazaleski, Hayward, Thomas, McGinty, Spence families)